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  1. I'm always curious to test a bot's true potential, whether it is suiciding an account or making a 100% botted account look legit.
    I just found out about Runemate and I thought I should give it a go. Making a 100% botted account (except for quests) look legit and avoid the banhammer as long as possible.
    When I get this account going I will sometimes update this post with suicide progress reports from other accounts every once in a while.
    So basically this will be some kind of diary where you can follow my progress if you choose to, I will do my best to update this every few days.
    I hope you enjoy!

    ACCOUNT CREATED: 05/26/2016


    800+ TOTAL LVL
    *except for prayer, rc, smithing (trying to fund)

    Questing (for antiban)
    60 in all combat stats


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Looking forward to checking em updates.
  3. I can't wait for more!
  4. Djoels you got some updates?
  5. Updating later tonight, was busy this weekend with work :(
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    If you want you can read a little explication in the 'DAY 3' spoiler.
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  6. I've botted with runemate quite some time ago, and have quit RS since, but I have done essentially the same thing you are doing, my final results are quite nice, and my account was only given a minor ban. This is 100% botted using the runemate client.
    If you'd like to know the method I used just hit me up :D
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  7. Little update on day 4 of this f2p adventure.
    You can read a short update in the spoiler of the top post.

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    DAY 11 UPDATE!
    As usual you can read a short description in the top post spoiler of day 11.

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    UPDATE WEEK 3 (I think)

    I changed the top post a little bit. Not going to write anymore but just show pictures of current updated stats and goals I achieved and working on!
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    Little update! I have no way to make decent gp for smithing and prayer tho.
    Trying to fund the account with recources atm!
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    I decided to get p2p since there are way more ways to train stats, much faster xp and so much more possibilities.
    Also waaay more quests to do for antiban!
    I'm currenty at 60+ QP.

    Here is a little update, haven't played much and tomorrow I'm leaving on holiday for 2 weeks so there won't be any updates for the next 2 weeks :(

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  8. Not too shabby dude!

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