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  1. Today I am starting on a huge project. AIO Slayer script bot.

    I will update this post everytime i will do anything related to this code. If you have any good and useful info, send it to me. (npcs, locations, ways to get there, banks etc.). Will appreciate that alot.

    Code (Text):
    2. 21/4/2016 - Started on a project. UI And design will be done today. Maybe even combat system.
    3. Gathering data today...
    5. 29/4/2016 - Completed UI  and gathering data few days ago. Forgot to update. Writing combat system today.
    Brez naslova.png

    Thank you.
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  2. Moved to the Projects section.
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  3. Check Slack ma man
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  4. god speed my friend!
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  5. but doesnt this belong to scripts bots section?
  6. No, you put it in the bot requests section, which it clearly doesn't belong in as it's not a request. This section is for any info on projects you're working on.
  7. Gotya. Thanks
  8. I hope it's osrs doe
  9. Tag mate. Rs3 masterrace
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  10. Osrs > rs3 all day erry day

    @EvilCabbage amirite?
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  11. Dude like 2 months ago you said osrs would be better
  12. What u mean? I'm osrs 4 lyfe, always.
  13. sorry meant to quote bertcunt

    Dude like 2 months ago you said osrs would be better
  14. Nop mate I've always been RS3>OSRS
  15. first rs3.
    then maybeh osrs
  16. Add bossing support :p
  17. Lmao 99% of the bosses in rs3 are afkable. Just go with a casual autofighter + yak scrolls for banking.
  18. I wouldn't really say AFKable. Maybe with maxed stats and OVLs and all that high end stuff. But as many bosses also have special attacks which need to be dodged, bots may mess up pretty quickly :p
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  19. OSRS? > RS3 indeed.

    OSRS is rapidly going to shit though.

    Then again, RS3 already shit. They just made their shit shinier and more impressive (area reworks and NXT)
  20. Btw will osrs ever release regions like Menaphos or Prifddinas?

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