TwinkiSoftClay 4.0.0

Softens clay at the G.E Fountain

  1. Twinki submitted a new resource:

    TwinkiSoftClay - Softens clay at the G.E Fountain

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    #1 Twinki, Oct 22, 2015
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  2. Really great, man. I appreciate simple stuff like this that no one else does.


    EDIT: Also, very clear and explicit instructions. Very rare on these forums sometimes.
  3. Lol one sentence...but sadly so true hahah

    Cheers for the bot man. Was so close to learning coding just so I could make one myself.
  4. Nice release, I'm sure lots of members will find this useful!
  5. i dont get it it doesint work for me can u make video how to use it?
  6. Working perfectly for several hours in Darkscape. No one really come to Varrock GE and that means safe from bot hunters. Good stuff, my friend. Thank you for this.

    Update: About 216k/h (including the tax deduction on ds)
    #6 Fancyballs, Nov 15, 2015
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  7. For love of god make this just for supporter's

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