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  1. Dark sage
    Dark sage
    Dark Quester crashing upon start due to an IllegalStateException has been resolved
  2. CuppaJava
    Jagex has announced that OSRS should be back online. Go forth and bot! :peepo:
  3. Flextroci
    wagwan got about 29842904912 notifications. I hope the runemate gang is all alive and well
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    2. Flextroci
      Nov 22, 2022 at 10:10 AM
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  4. ShureMate
    ShureMate dahnae
    works well with iron other with other only withral coal and bot breaks and log out after 5 mins
  5. atchumarley5
    hola me gusta la pagina 100% Fans
  6. heyitswolf
    heyitswolf Noah
    Hello Noah Thank you for adding ranging potions its been working perfectly! just wanted to let you know the break option on Hexis slayer assistant isn't working it'll say how much time till break then proceed to says its on a break but continues to do the same action as if it never took a break
  7. RyuMitsune
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  8. GGames
    What's up foo?
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    2. CuppaJava
      nm hbu
      Nov 13, 2022
  9. heyitswolf
    heyitswolf Noah
    Hello Noah just curious on hexis slayer Assistant is there a way you can add where it drinks ranging potions looks like it has every single one but ranging please and thank you! :)
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    2. heyitswolf
      Sounds good Thank you! one other question I was curious about is why when you use the cannon the script spam clicks the cannon balls and then clicks the cannon. just curious on how come it cant just click the cannon machine itself to refill
      Nov 9, 2022
    3. Noah
      I don't know why I did it that way
      Nov 9, 2022
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    4. heyitswolf
      ah okay just curious lol ,I feel that it spam clicks the cannon balls are little sus and might cause attention or trigger some bot detection lmao
      Nov 9, 2022
  10. CuppaJava
    Cuppa ChompyHunting has been released! Go get elite void, finish the diary, or go for the chompy chick pet!
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    2. CuppaJava
  11. specialed
    specialed Noah
    Hi Noah, love your bots, but I think the community would appreciate it if you included a changelog with your bot updates. I get notifications that by bot has been updated a version, with no clue as to what has been changed. Regards
    1. Noah
      If there's anything significant to put there I will, otherwise it's just small patches and behind the scenes bug fixes. The bot update process isn't flexible enough to make the process easy and I don't fancy posting individual updates for all of my bots
      Nov 4, 2022
  12. devoid12
    osrs devoider
  13. MrBlazinHerbs
    All Cuppa bots should now work with Fresh Start worlds. Will only hop to FSWs if started on a FSW.
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  14. CuppaJava
    All Cuppa bots should now work with Fresh Start worlds. Will only hop to FSWs if started on a FSW.
  15. TheBoomStock
    1. CuppaJava
      Oct 26, 2022
  16. Noah
    Noah Proxy-IPv4
    Purchase Sponsor to advertise external links on our forums.
  17. RossF98
    RossF98 CuppaJava
    Please create a aerial fishing bot bro
    1. CuppaJava
      I would consider it, but there's already two on the bot store that should work solidly (Prime and Chief Aerial). Have you tried them?
      Oct 22, 2022
    2. RossF98
      Tried both and they're both very bad compared to your bots, Chief doesn't have a break handler and prime's got me banned!
      Oct 22, 2022
    3. Defeat3d
      need antiban
      Oct 23, 2022
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  18. Taylor Sutton
    Taylor Sutton dahnae
    Just wanted to throw you a hug shout out on the Giants script! absolutely amazing stuff, bro. 70-93 so far and still chugging along. cheers!
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    2. dahnae
      Thanks for the hug! :D
      Oct 17, 2022
  19. bjornJonker
    Bjorn Jonker
  20. Tanis W
    Tanis W Dark sage
    is dark cooker pro broken? it keeps saying "please choose desired settings and press apply settings and start" i dont see the apply settings and start, i've always just hit update settings and it runs, now it just walks back and forth ?