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  • Supports all bolts and darts
  • 2.5m+ xp/hr

MaxiBots features

Activity system
  • Configure as many activities as you want and it will move on to the next one automatically after the specified goal has been met
  • Multiple goal types: Create x amount of items, run for x amount of time, run until a level is met, or no goal at all
  • Option to log out when all activities are completed or to let the games idle timer do it for you

  • Save your activity profile and it will be remembered every time you run the bot so you don't have to waste time setting it up every session
  • Save as many profiles as you need
  • Some bots include predefined profiles for things like common 1-99 routes, how cool is that!
  • Option to automatically start the bot using the last profile that was ran

Break handler
  • We all need a break from the grind every now and then, your bot should too! Configure break profiles to make your bots play style look more humanlike
  • Save as many profiles as you need
  • Automatically generate a break profile based on min/max break length and min/max play time between breaks
  • Option to manually configure breaks, including editing breaks that were auto-generated

Item and profit tracker
  • Track all items gained or used
  • Shows item quantity, value, profit, hourly quantity and hourly profits per item
  • Shows overall profit and profit per hour

Change settings on the fly
  • Selected the wrong thing or had a change of mind mid session? No worries! Simply go back into the configuration page and update existing activities, or even add new ones. The changes will be applied as soon as you press start!

Stop after a given runtime
  • Ever worried you'll forget to stop a bot? Worry no more! With the stop timer you can set the bot to run for any number of hours and minutes and it will automatically stop when the time is up
First release
Last update
2.50 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. MaxiFletcher1Tick v1.0.5 Released!

    MaxiFletcher1Tick updated to v1.0.5.
  2. MaxiFletcher1Tick v1.0.4 Released!

    MaxiFletcher1Tick updated to v1.0.4. Failed requirements will now be shown in the client...
  3. MaxiFletcher1Tick v1.0.3 Released!

    MaxiFletcher1Tick updated to v1.0.3. Fixed a bug causing Chance to miss not to show in the UI

Latest reviews

does not support diamond bolts.. gg 50 cents...
Used this yesterday and it was awesome. Tried today and lost 3x 0.50 as I couldn't get past the initial activity capture screen. Tried rebooting RM/RL both times... Are you able to take a look at this please? If it's not user error I'd appreciate the coin back! Thanks
Thanks for the report. I've issued a refund and pushed an update with a fix