Dec 3, 2013
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May 11

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The better executive ;), from Australia

Any exceptions when starting MaxiBots should now be resolved. Sep 24, 2017 at 4:26 AM

    1. Aidden
      Any exceptions when starting MaxiBots should now be resolved.
    2. Matt M
      Matt M
      Aidden, the MaxiWoodcutterPRO shits the bed every 1hr and 2mins. I have to completely close out of runemate and fire it all back up. Is it a PC issue?
      1. Squidl
        Sep 15, 2017
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    3. Slumdog
      Sorry to bug you but do you see yourself adding Lumby Swamp fishing spot and castle banking to MaxiFisher bot?
    4. David1337
      Hey aidden, i was recently using your script for the maxifisher however i was wondering whether you could add the opportunity to bank monkfish and sharks please as it is very hard to find another free script that does those.
    5. Zamerous
      Hey Aidden, slightly off topic but I'm wondering if you're able to code me a private hack for the game: PUBG? I love your scripts and I'm wondering if you're able to make one for me, I will pay generously.
      1. Aidden
        I have no experience with PUBG gaming wise nor botting wise, and it's unlikely i'd have time to familiarize myself with it and create a bot for it in the near future.
        Sep 9, 2017
    6. ruben0ne
      Hello there Aidden! I want to congratulate you for your MaxiFisher, it has been working just fine and If I may I would like to make a request, can you make a bot for buying wooden shields in Falador? It cost about 25g each and sells for 180-190 gold each in the GE, good profit.
      1. Gengsta
    7. autofails
      Hey Aidden, I am looking forward to using your bot, however I keep getting the "failed to locate the existing game cache for oldschool runecape" I have uninstalled and redownloaded both the official OSRS client, and the bot but am still getting this message. Please help me!! I will donate if I can get the bot to work
    8. Bnasty1989
      MaxiMiner is not working for me it teleport me to the lodge stone then stand there and not move.
    9. zanfax
      I really need help with binding the official osrs client with a socks5 proxy. And is it possible to use around 10 bots all bound to different IP's on 1 computer? If so please tell me.
      1. Whitemire96
        Hi there @zanfax, looks like you might be able to edit the socks proxy settings in here:

        Haven't actually tried editing this yet, can give it a go later though
        Aug 10, 2017
    10. CollinM2011
      Hey Aidden, awesome bot but why is there no option for Karambwan? There is for Karambwanji, but not actual Karambwan.
      1. Aidden
        Because it requires interacting with a different interface and i haven't had access to an account that can make them so i haven't been able to add support for it.
        Jul 26, 2017
    11. WhiteBandan
      Hey Aidden. first off thanks for the awesome bots. But i have one question. There must be this bot using cap? I think if you add some ad's and delete this cap it would help. Thanks again.
    12. pydarass
      What about minnow fishing?
    13. insection
      Hey bro im from oz too :) So I was wondering, any chance maxiherblore will come to OSRS? Can you believe I couldn't find a single "premium" script across every botting client that makes tar (besides the crappy 0Sbxx one that I wont use) . Thanks !
    14. Spokeo
      MaxiWorldWalker just says loading even when I click on a destination the path stays blank please help
      1. Aidden
        Send me a pm, post on my profile and reply to the bot thread with the exact same message again and i'll just ignore you. Completely unnecessary.
        Jul 5, 2017
    15. Glucose
      Bot will not automatically cut magics. Both options send it to the bunch of 3 magics. will not initiate cutting, will not loadstone to seers bank. will not pick up orts. Message me for more info. Major bugs with magic trees.....
    16. Andry
      Hello, I am a new user. I want to know how I can run local scripts, is it obligatory to upgrade my account?
      1. kazemanie
        This is only possible as a bot developer writing your own bots.
        Jun 10, 2017
    17. Glucose
      Hey Aidden. first off thanks for the awesome bots. But I have an issue... So Maxifletcher pro will log me out randomly, It's wasted $3 so far for me. I set the time for 2 hours and it loggs off randomly every 20-40min...? Any fix? Error on my end? Is it possible to get my money reimbursed....?

      Edit: It does the same if I set it to a certain level, say level 80. It loggs out after about 15 fletches,
      1. Glucose
        It is not available for rs3, I found a better cheaper bot.
        Jun 16, 2017
      2. Aidden
        Are you sure it's logging you off? You might just be getting disconnected... Or do you mean it logs out and then stops? It does that for a reason. No help can be provided unless you provide adequate details.
        Jun 16, 2017
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    18. floatsurboat
      can you make a rock crabs/sand crabs afk bot please?
    19. amiel
      i have a problem. i paid $6 for 600 hours of bot use. it keep on telling me i max out all my hours. ive only use bot for less 2 weeks. so how can i be out of hour? my chart show about 200 hours of usage. does anyone else have this problem?
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      2. Aidden
        That would be the case
        May 28, 2017
      3. amiel
        so what would be the best thing to do for this? is it better that we just use the same runemate account.
        May 28, 2017
      4. Aidden
        That's up to you guys. Because you're on the same network you're sharing hours basically.
        May 29, 2017
    20. Aidden
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