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  • Supports Amulet of chemistry
  • Herb cleaning - Direct Input supported. Must be enabled in the RuneMate settings and in the activity
  • Guam leaf
  • Marrentill
  • Tarromin
  • Harralander
  • Ranarr weed
  • Toadflax
  • Irit leaf
  • Avantoe
  • Kwuarm
  • Snapdragon
  • Cadantine
  • Lantadyme
  • Dwarf weed
  • Torstol
  • Unfinished potions
  • Finished potions
  • Attack potion
  • Antipoison
  • Strength potion
  • Serum 207
  • Compost potion
  • Restore potion
  • Guthix balance
  • Blamish oil
  • Energy potion
  • Defence potion
  • Agility potion
  • Combat potion
  • Prayer potion
  • Super attack
  • Superantipoison
  • Fishing potion
  • Super energy
  • Shrink-me-quick
  • Hunter potion
  • Super strength
  • Weapon poison
  • Super restore
  • Sanfew serum
  • Super defence
  • Antidote+
  • Antifire potion
  • Divine super attack potion
  • Divine super defence potion
  • Divine super strength potion
  • Divine bastion potion
  • Divine battlemage potion
  • Ranging potion
  • Weapon poison(+)
  • Divine ranging potion
  • Magic potion
  • Stamina potion
  • Zamorak brew
  • Divine magic potion
  • Antidote++
  • Bastion potion
  • Battlemage potion
  • Saradomin brew
  • Weapon poison(++)
  • Extended antifire
  • Anti-venom
  • Super combat potion
  • Super antifire potion
  • Anti-venom+
  • Divine super combat potion
  • Extended super antifire
  • Barbarian mixes
  • Grinding/Crushing items
  • Bird nest
  • Blue dragon scale
  • Chocolate bar
  • Desert goat horn
  • Gorak claws
  • Kebbit teeth
  • Lava scale
  • Superior dragon bones
  • Unicorn horn
  • Cracking coconuts
  • Coconut milk
  • Tarring herbs

MaxiBots features

Activity system
  • Configure as many activities as you want and it will move on to the next one automatically after the specified goal has been met
  • Multiple goal types: Create x amount of items, run for x amount of time, run until a level is met, or no goal at all
  • Option to log out when all activities are completed or to let the games idle timer do it for you

  • Save your activity profile and it will be remembered every time you run the bot so you don't have to waste time setting it up every session
  • Save as many profiles as you need
  • Some bots include predefined profiles for things like common 1-99 routes, how cool is that!
  • Option to automatically start the bot using the last profile that was ran

Break handler
  • We all need a break from the grind every now and then, your bot should too! Configure break profiles to make your bots play style look more humanlike
  • Save as many profiles as you need
  • Automatically generate a break profile based on min/max break length and min/max play time between breaks
  • Option to manually configure breaks, including editing breaks that were auto-generated

Item and profit tracker
  • Track all items gained or used
  • Shows item quantity, value, profit, hourly quantity and hourly profits per item
  • Shows overall profit and profit per hour

Change settings on the fly
  • Selected the wrong thing or had a change of mind mid session? No worries! Simply go back into the configuration page and update existing activities, or even add new ones. The changes will be applied as soon as you press start!

Stop after a given runtime
  • Ever worried you'll forget to stop a bot? Worry no more! With the stop timer you can set the bot to run for any number of hours and minutes and it will automatically stop when the time is up
First release
Last update
4.20 star(s) 40 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. MaxiHerblore v2.5.4 Released!

    MaxiHerblore updated to v2.5.4.
  2. MaxiHerblore v2.5.3 Released!

    MaxiHerblore updated to v2.5.3. Failed requirements will now be shown in the client message...
  3. MaxiHerblore v2.5.2 Released!

    MaxiHerblore updated to v2.5.2. Fixed for dose selection

Latest reviews

ez 99.. 72-99 in 2-3 days. 12 hours straight no breaks.. cost about 50-60m with super restores. 295k xp per hour. cost about $3 with credits. ggwp.
Hell yeah, great work. Gratz
Another great bot with all methods working perfectly, no issues to 99.
10/10 script. Went from 78-99 in 2 days with no breaks.
@ Sprinkles I don't think the bots support using individual tabs, from my experience at least. I have to make sure it is viewing the main tab at all times.
It uses the runemate bank api to withdraw and deposit, and that DOES indeed support tabs. If it's not working my best guess is that you have a runelite plugin interfering with the bank.
Not bad, However some feedback. Ive found the items need to be in Tab 1 otherwise it wont click or locate the items needed for the mix (finished potion). left over night. a refund of some would be great. If not however not too worried. Still a good program. just gotta watch it when it logs back in and load the right tab in the bank open. :}
Thanks for the feedback but thats not correct. Bank tabs work perfectly fine but if they didn't it would be a runemate api bug. Make sure you have plugins disabled, they can affect the ability to detect which tab is open.
Excellent! first day using it made 23k potions
Unfortunately the bot constantly stops while creating finished and unfinished potions. It does however handle cleaning herbs fine.
So far I've ran 71-96 without issue. The bot is great, lots of custom options. The randomizing of the clicking is a huge help for not getting flagged. Also, for everyone who doesn't already know. The Runelite launched by the Jagex Launcher is now detected by runemate. You can now bot the jagex linked accounts. :)
ran 91-99 no issues..
10/10 as always
Just go 99 Herblore a few days ago .... took my time and did it in a week ... NO BANDS great script