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MaxiCraneRepair 1.1.4

Repairs cranes in Piscarilius

  1. Aidden
    Repairs cranes in Piscarilius for crafting and construction xp

    Start in Piscarilius. Make sure you don't have Book of the dead or Kharedst's memoirs in your Inventory or Equipment as they can currently trigger a walking bug that will cause the bot to stop.

    • Membership
    • 30 Crafting
    • 30 Construction
    • Hammer or Imcando hammer
    • Nails (Any nails but type of nail doesn't change repair chance)
    • Planks (Normal planks)

    • Repairs the 2 cranes at the general store, prioritising the one with the npc worker at it to increase the chance of fixing it. (May add consideration for other players at the cranes if it catches on. So far I don't think I've seen anyone there)
    • Hopping to a random world when the 2 cranes are repaired.
    • Banking for planks (I've currently removed the option to swap noted for unnoted at the store as the bot could be exploited for cheap planks by other players)
    • Supports all nail types even though bronze is probably the only one that will be used (nail type doesn't increase chance of repair)
    • Plank sack support
    • Imcando hammer support
    • 1 tick option

Recent Reviews

  1. scrakefreeze
    Version: 1.0.0
    Excellent addition to the bot store. Using this on my ironman and this is absolutely perfect as it uses little resources. One flaw is when you level up, it wont exit the prompt to worldhop. Appreciate the new bot.
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      Glad it's useful :) Thanks for the feedback,I wasn't aware the level up interface blocked hopping so I'll fix that hopefully in the next update. I also have imcando hammer support for the next update and plank sack coming soon :P