MaxiCooker 1 Tick 1.1.3

Fastest cooking xp? Not a problem.

  1. Aidden
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    Cooks Karambwan using the 1 tick method. This is the fastest cooking xp in the game. Up to 900k xp/hr

    • Level 30 Cooking
    • Completion of Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest - You must talk to the Tinsay after the quest to unlook Thoroughly cooking Karambwans

    Supported locations:
    • Hosidius kitchen - Requires 100% Hosidius favour
    • Mor Ul Rek (Tzhaar city) - Requires a fire cape that you've shown to the NPC at the gate
    • Myths guild - Requires completion of Dragon slayer 2
    • Rogues den
    Supports Direct Input and is recommended for tick perfect cooking every time. Must be enabled in the RuneMate settings and in the activity.


    For best results start in the cooking location - Ability to walk to the location isn't guaranteed.

    If using Direct Input there are no requirements besides having the fish and starting in the cooking location for optimal results.
    To enable Direct Input go to your RuneMate settings and scroll down to the Advanced features section

    If not using Direct Input:

    Make sure the game is in resizable mode before starting the bot.

    The game window should be left at the default size or as small as it can be before it starts cutting of the edge of the game. If the window is too large it won't be able to interact with the clay oven.

    Short video of the bot in action: click here

Recent Reviews

  1. OSRS4Basic
    Version: 1.0.27
    easy 400/450k an hour
    no breaks tho when i used it which is a shame
  2. Kentonftw
    Version: 1.0.23
    Once I got it setup properly it was a breeze. Make sure that you manually resize your Runelite window so its very small otherwise the bot won't click the range. Once I did this it worked like a charm
  3. minivivi
    Version: 1.0.22
    Trial worked well, went to start up the main bot and it just kept failing, little did I know it was taking my money every time I tried to start the bot and instantly closing.
  4. PlayerTwo
    Version: 1.0.22
    It does work but not well. It occasionally gets stuck on a loop from the left side of the Hosidius range to in front of it because it clicks too fast. If it would slow down for the first one to cook, then spam it would work 100%% of the time id guess. Im not a script writer though.
  5. imtkjb
    Version: 1.0.22
    it doesn't cook as its stuck trying to click through the wall
  6. bbrunner11112
    Version: 1.0.22
    Not working, i did tai bwo wannai trio but the bot stops inmediatly after starting saying i didnt do it.
  7. jake07589
    Version: 1.0.19
    Worked great when I first used it quite some time ago. Attempted to use on a different account today and it just shuts down claiming I haven't completed Tai Bwo Wannai Trio even though I have
  8. Plvs Vltra
    Plvs Vltra
    Version: 1.0.17
    Updating review after the recent update as promised, working perfectly now, no issues, getting 600k xp + per hour! Great job
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      Glad to hear it's working better for you now! I have Mor Ul Rek and Myth's Guild in development so expect to see support for those areas soon! You can cook and bank from the same coordinate in both locations so if you have access to either of those i'd suggest switching over. Should increase the xp even more :)
  9. runescapealt452
    Version: 1.0.10
    Bot works but i got a 1 day non appealable ban for macroing after using for 2 hours straight one day (first time using). Use with caution / don't use if you don't want a ban
  10. tdotsfinest52
    Version: 1.0.10
    Amazing script! Average about 560-600k xp an hour with it. Got me from 93-99 super quickly! If I were to improve anything it would be the fact that sometimes the bot goes to the side of the clay oven, but it immediately fixes itself.