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Feb 28, 2024 at 12:31 AM
Nov 28, 2015
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Game update broke a few things. Devs are working on it, try using fixed mode as a temporary workaround Jan 31, 2024

michael5555 was last seen:
Viewing member profile RuneMate, Feb 28, 2024 at 12:31 AM
    1. sixfootfool
      yo can i get a refund? Tried to get it to work a few times and it kept getting stuck and spam clicking the buttler. love your bots tho!
    2. Doodlez
      Construction bot is broken also. It fetches planks once, uses them, and then never sends the butler again to fetch more planks so it stands there afk afterwards. All clients are updated, runemate reinstalled, etc. Tried stopping and changing settings several times now and nothing fixes it.
      1. sixfootfool likes this.
    3. milk puds
      milk puds
      burner bot is broken
    4. michael5555
      Game update broke a few things. Devs are working on it, try using fixed mode as a temporary workaround
    5. IdegafMF
      Great bots man!
      1. michael5555
        Dec 29, 2023
    6. Bankerman
      pathing from PVP Arena tele to altar -- sometimes clicks into the little room with NPC "Mubariz" in it.
      1. michael5555
        It's due to the changes I made for you recently to alter the path. Added some more checks
        Dec 27, 2023
    7. michael5555
      Yo game update last night. Restart your clients.
      1. CuppaJava
        why roommate say "plese restrt cleint" evry tim i run scrpt
        Dec 6, 2023
    8. Bankerman
      blast furnace bot was running perfectly last night, and now it just won't start the cycle. clicks withdraw as: item and quantity: all in the bank, and then from there it deposits entire inventory and won't run?
      1. michael5555
        Restart your clients (both of them) after any runescape update
        Dec 6, 2023
    9. Dogdogdogdog
      Man has singlehandedly saved my iron. Amazing bots. Michael, you're a legend.
    10. Bankerman
      Disregard. Thank you for your amazing bots!
    11. Bankerman
      Pathing is still a bit funky on the Lava runecrafter. Sometimes when it tele's in, it will click on the mini map out to the west of the fire altar entrance. Sometimes it will correct itself and sometimes it will just go far out west to enter the altar still
      1. michael5555
        Changes aren't live yet
        Nov 28, 2023
    12. michael5555
      To the guy experiencing the crash on Lava Runecrafter, it is specific to hotkeys. Whoever you are, please DM me for logs and a refund
    13. Roid plug
      Roid plug
      Hey am i missing something on the castle wars idler i cant seem to get it to work. You cant do it in a castle wars world or how do i go about using it on those worlds? Thanks.
      1. michael5555
        You're not allowed to. It's classified as disrupting players on RM and the admins won't allow me to push code to the store that would allow you to do in it normal castle wars worlds. You need to run two accounts at once in your own world
        Nov 26, 2023
        Roid plug likes this.
    14. OhMyHesHim
      Hey bro, the maniacal monkey bot keeps teleporting out for some reason.
      I ran it twice and within 20-30 min it would stop using prayer pots and 1st time it died, 2nd time it just tp'd out.
      Might need to take a look at it.
    15. GrimSQL
      1. michael5555
        It is one of those things that'd work when I release it, and then it would either slowly degrade or just straight up not work on some peoples setups. Not something I want to do - I like to make things that just work. I'm pretty happy with it being able to achieve 305k/h in its current state and that's without DI
        Nov 13, 2023
      2. GrimSQL
        That's fair enough. :) It's already fast, don't get me wrong. :)
        Nov 13, 2023
    16. Tracyamac4
      Okay so the { SHOP-SELLER } bot is great!!!!! If you could add one thing it be perfect, an ironman option, so for some places if items have been depleted at all it will keep trying to sell them when it cant because ironmen cant sell to a understocked shop, so if you could make it where instead of re-trying to sell it could just skip to next world that would be awesome!!!!!!!
      1. michael5555
        Sorry, I don't really know the mechanics. Can you tell me the chat message you receive when this occurs?
        Nov 3, 2023
    17. dersporegamer
      You construction bots (somehow only the paid version) stops working after like 10-12 minutes when doing myth capes due to not finding teak planks in the bank.
    18. Smartnoob69
      On your blast furnace, it seems to no longer be able to register the hybrid setup, i was running it with mithril & gold, but its just running the gold bars alone.
      1. michael5555
        Do you have a coal bag?
        Oct 27, 2023
      2. Smartnoob69
        no coal bag
        Oct 30, 2023
      3. michael5555
        There is no hybrid method without a coal bag. The whole point of hybrid is to fill the coal bag while you're running gold bars. Then when you have enough coal in the pot you can run an invent of mithril. Otherwise there's no difference to just doing gold bars for an hour then swapping it manually to mithrl bars
        Oct 30, 2023
    19. snagames
      Hey man, I've send you a DM for the MTA bot. The alchemy room seems to work very slow and by that it misses alot of alchs (maybe 1 or 2 if you are lucky per item). Can you look into it? The other rooms seems to work great!
    20. REBIRTH07
      Can you add flax make to the bank stander would be sick.

      Also If there was a feature added to he maniacal monkey to drop down in the 1st location just to farm prayer pots and bank them that would be an insane feature for ironmens.
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