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All my bots combined have gained! Thanks guys! Sep 29, 2017

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Aug 22, 2022
    1. Panda-Knight
      hi @Mmaaikel can you update your essence miner for OSRS and RS3 please
      I hope you will read this and update them so i can play again
    2. alendsa
      Great work!!! Your bots are simple to understand and use :)
      1. Mmaaikel likes this.
    3. HeyImCaleb13
      Is there any chance you could make the smithing bot run faster? I am only getting 140k xp/hr doing addy plates at var. It's slow to bank and to actually go through the smithing interface. Could be much more efficient. Other than that it runs and works great.
      1. Mmaaikel likes this.
    4. vbhlsd
      Hi Mmaaikel, nice bots and thanks for making them free to use.

      Are you able to help with your Smithing bot.
      m running a script, after 10 minutes memory and CPU spikes to 900mb and lags when being run. It seems to be only that script on multiple laptops of mine.
      Is there anything i can do to fix this?

      Thanks alot!
    5. AkraidSon
      Hello, im in love with your fletch bot, but can you add fletching gem so i can make Diamond bolt tips? none of other bots has it
    6. doggish25
      i lost a ton of gold for this ... its when the bot gose and retrive steel bars from bank to make cannonballs then stands (to the side to a few seconds ) people notice and talk about the bots as if ur not there i was reading the in game messages the people where saying and thay said its a bot man the bots always go the the side first befor smelting .... just wanted to let u know
    7. ninjaking
      I was wondering if you could make a miner (not for essence) so we could have it get iron and other ores
    8. OSRSl0ser
      Hey! I'm enjoying the Smelter BETA application so far, but there appears to be an issue when making steel bars in F2P Edgeville. The application will repeatedly withdraw all coal as though it is trying to do blast furnace before it pulls out the 9 iron ore, then the withdraw all coal option. Just wanted to know if there's a solution? Thank you for the effort and the application!
      1. Mmaaikel
        It should check if it has the items in the inventory, only the client missclicks a lot..
        Jan 17, 2019
    9. 6ix9inefan
      may i know why you deleted your Splasher bot?
      1. Defeat3d
        nvm xd hehe
        Jan 7, 2019
        Derk likes this.
      2. Mmaaikel
        It was removed by me because it did not work correctly.
        Jan 7, 2019
      3. 6ix9inefan
        it worked for me. i splashed stun till 99. it would be terrific if you could get it back. your bots are amongst one of my favorites mmaaikel.
        Jan 7, 2019
    10. graanbanaan
      probably the best free bots out there, gonna donate soon :)
      1. Mmaaikel likes this.
    11. theleqend
      what should i do when the bot gets stuck at varrock west and doesn't move?
    12. theleqend
      your smithing bot isn't working for me. it just stands in the varrock west bank when i press start and doesn't do anything.
      EDIT: bot seems to be working fine now but every now and then it gets stuck at bank it says "walking to anvil" but doesn't move. is that still because of update or...?
      1. Swych
        The bot is down on OSRS after todays update. Please do not use it until further notice.
        Feb 1, 2018
        trilliant likes this.
    13. zjarky
      All your bots are working fine for me. Is it possible for you to create a musa (karamja) fishing bot? There isn't a proper bot atm imo. The bots can fish properly but the banking and walking is awful.
      1. Mmaaikel
        Sorry, I am not going to make a fisher
        Oct 25, 2017
    14. m0bstr
      The fletching bot stopped working since the new update
      1. Wet Rag
        Wet Rag
        no shit
        Oct 19, 2017
      2. Mmaaikel
        Pushed an update to fix the bots, just waiting for approval
        Oct 19, 2017
        m0bstr likes this.
    15. Mmaaikel
      All my bots combined have gained! Thanks guys!
      1. m0bstr likes this.
      2. Jaakkol
        Sep 30, 2017
    16. Mmaaikel
      On vacation for 3 weeks!!
    17. Mmaaikel
      Yay! Released a new OSRS Fletching bot!
      1. chhhyee
        hey man, the bot is good, but it still has a bug for stringing bows. after ur bot runing a while, it will withdraw only one strring then it just stops, plz fix it, much appreciate.
        Jun 14, 2017
    18. Infinite Inferno
      Infinite Inferno
      Mac OSX support has been added to new RM and double window bug fixed :)
      1. Mmaaikel likes this.
    19. Mmaaikel
      I think Aidden has too much free time.
      1. Aidden likes this.
      2. Aidden
        Actually i have very little free time, i just procrastinate and instead of doing assignments and study i end up scripting lolol
        Sep 27, 2014
      3. Falixus
        booleans fired
        Sep 28, 2014
    20. Fuser
      O my maikey maikey
      1. Mmaaikel
        Oh dear lord
        Apr 16, 2014
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