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ApexFisher LITE 3.5.8

The hook that doesn't sleep.

  1. proxi
    ApexFisher PRO - Banks a variety of fish, with Draynor, Lumbridge, and Barbarian Village as supported locations.

    This bot will have several updates applied to it overtime to make it better.
    Newer fish and more locations will be added as requested.

    Please leave any feedback and advice below :)


    - Screen Options:
    --- Resizable with Maximize (Legacy or EOC)
    --- Fixed (Legacy)
    - Start bot with player located in desired fishing area
    - If Baiting or Luring, have a decent quantity in your bank or inventory.
    - Select Location and Fish in GUI
    - Select all desired settings in Anti-Ban and Settings tabs
    - Press start

    Use at your own discretion.

    Bank/Fishing Locations:
    • Draynor
    • Lumbridge
    • Deep Sea (not all fish yet supported, see Fish Supported)
    • Menaphos (VIP and Port areas)
    • Barbarian Village (beta)
    • Baxtorian Falls (Barbarian Fishing)
      • Uses Feathers or Fishing bait as bait.
    • Mobilizing Armies
    • Piscatoris
    • Catherby
    • Fishing Guild
    • Shilo Village (beta)

    Fish Supported:
    • Shrimp
    • Anchovies
    • Sardines
    • Herring
    • Trout
    • Salmon
    • Pike
    • Mackerel
    • Cod
    • Tuna
    • Bass
    • Lobster
    • Swordfish
    • Monkfish
    • Shark
    • Desert Sole
    • Catfish
    • Beltfish
    • Deep Sea Swarm
    • All Leaping Fish
    • And more to come...

    • Supported for all fish and locations listed above, just toggle the 'PowerFishing' checkbox
    • If playing on RS3, be sure to have the possible fish that you can obtain in your location on the ActionBar slots 1-4.
      • Example: If I'm fishing Swordfish in Catherby, there's a chance of Tuna also being gathered. I would have Swordfish and Tuna in my ActionBar slots.
    • If played on OSRS, be sure to have Shift-Dropping enabled.

    Other Features:
    • (OSRS) If user starts the bot without proper equipment, it will go to the bank to retrieve the correct items.
    • Dragon Harpoon special support.
    • Intelligent web walking logic
      • Generated paths are saved for future use, therefore paths are not always being created during each traversal task
    • Supports all SudoBot features
      • Anagogic Ort pickup
      • Run enabler
      • Anti-Ban Resting
      • Improved Interaction logic
      • Break Handler

    • Random Camera turns with Middle-Mouse click and Keyboard
    • Hover over random NPC within the area
    • Random delays to actions
    • Hover over random and future fishing spots
    • Upon level-up, bot will click on the skill as if the user was checking the new unlocks
    • Hover over random game objects within the area
    • Will right click on a random player within the area
    • Will hover over a random player within the area
    • Will hover over skill icon as if a player wanted to know their current XP or XP remaining


    Future Updates:
    • More for Deep Sea Fishing
    Feel free to leave comments on features that you would like to see!

    ApexFisher Update Archive:
    V3.0.7 - 1/22/17:
    - Now supports Premium and Lite versions of the bot
    - All supported fish and locations are available in Premium bot
    - Limited supports fish and locations are available in Lite bot
    - Fixed bug regarding bot stopping on the right side of catherby fishing area

    V3.0.6 - 12/24/16:
    - Added Monkfish support
    - Added deposit bot support for both OSRS and RS3

    V3.0.0 - 11/26/16:
    - Complete rewrite using the TreeBot system
    - Includes all features found in SudoFisher v2
    - Stat/Info tracking
    - Task System
    - Anti-Ban
    - Equipment validation and retrieval
    - All previously supported fish locations
    - Anagogic Ort pickup feature is now available
    - Early interaction feature is now available
    - Ex: Interacting with Bank booth to open it before inside the bank
    - New logic in determining whether user is fishing
    - Massive improvement to traversal/navigation logic
    - Massive improvement to interaction logic
    - Several bug fixes previously found in v2

    V2.2.4 - 11/2/16:
    -Catherby is now working properly.
    -Barbarian Village support is added.
    -RS3 logic now includes the checking, validating, and retrieval process for items required to fish specific tasks. (ie. if you want to fish trout/salmon, the bot will go get the feathers from your bank)

    V2.2.2 - 9/1/2016:
    - Updated Catherby bank location to new location after RuneScape update

    V2.2.1 - 7/1/16:
    - Improved interactions with fishing spots
    - Improved Walking to/opening the bank
    - Added failsafe to choose a further fishing spot in rare conditions (fishing guild)

    V2.2.0 - 6/19/16:
    - Now supports OSRS
    - Withdraws appropriate equipment and equipment accessories (bait, feathers, etc.) for fishing task
    - Withdraws equipment accessories from a random count between 100 - 1000, in 50 block increments. (100, 150, 200, ..., 900, 950, 1000)

    V2.1.2 - 6/12/16:
    - Removed DarkScape code from sourcecode
    - Improved interactions

    V2.1.1 - 5/20/16:
    - Now using newest SudoAPI
    - Advanced informative stat tracking
    - Added global gross income tracking (GP and GP/Hour)

    SudoBot Update 5/20/16:
    - Keep a gross income of all items that enter and leave the player's inventory
    - Keeps track of the player's skill stats and informative bot specific stats
    - Now transfer stat information to info GUI in a cleaner way
    - New GUI
    - Stat and Bot information is now displayed through JavaFX TableView (collapsible)
    - Informative stats and values populate in GUI dynamically
    - Current Task and AntiBan Logs now display in ListViews (collapsible)
    - New abstract InfoUIController to handle JavaFX functionality that is consistent between all SudoBots

    V2.1.0 - 5/14/16:
    - Fixed several bugs
    - Now using target validation to check for player fishing/not-fishing status
    - Bot will no longer deposit bait and/or feathers
    - Fixed banking issue in Draynor
    - Complete Info GUI Rewrite on all SudoBots
    - GUI is expandable with drop-down Titlebars
    - Current Task is now displayed in a ListView (with max count of 20)
    - AntiBan Task is now displayed in a ListView (with max count of 20)
    - Each SudoBot has their corresponding name in an ImageView on the top now.

    v2.0.0 - 4/20/16:
    - Now using SudoAPI (SudoBot and SudoTask)
    - Updated to work with RuneMate Spectre
    - Updated GUI
    - Now Anti-Ban configuration
    - Added Middle-Mouse camera turning support
    - Improved method of finding appropriate fishing spot
    - Improved traverals and interactions
    - Improved overall logic

    v1.1.4 - 2/28/16:
    - Added support to pick up Anagogic Ort
    - There is a random timer that handles this to give a human-like behavior
    - Added support for Mobilizing Armies location

    v1.1.3 - 11/09/15:
    - Updated interaction method to be more accurate
    - Set loop to be a little faster

    v1.1.2 - 10/29/15:
    - Added Force Menu Interaction
    - Removed Musa Point
    - Updated GUI to enable start button only when valid selection is selected
    - More efficient detection method for when player is fishing
    - Modified calculations in Paint
    - Anti-Ban improvements
    --- Anti-Ban is now set via timer rather than RNG
    --- Improved detection method of gathering environmental actors and objects

    v1.1.1 - 10/3/15:
    - Fixed bug where player would walk outside the Fishing Guild bank when banking
    - Fixed bug where player would go to the southern dock if a fishing spot in southern dock was closer to the player
    - Modified the bounding areas of the Fishing Guild bank and dock

    v1.0.10 - 10/2/15:
    - Fixed huge bug with area detection for Fishing Guild
    - Bot not longer drops items when "in preparation for teleport"
    - Method of walking tweaked to give a more "random" approach
    - Musa Point was slightly worked on. Still not recommended unless heavily watched. (0.0)

    v1.0.9 - 9/30/15:
    - Small improvements to delays (Banking, Fishing Spots, etc.)
    - Improved walking method (Web, Region, and Bresenham Paths now used)
    - Fishing Guild gate bug should be fixed (This has been a bigger pain that you would imagine)
    - Fixed bug where player would spam-click in the fishing area if connection was lost

    v1.0.7 - 9/26/15:
    - Updated JavaFX GUI
    --- Will update fish supported dynamically when DarkScape checkbox is selected
    - Fixed bug when getting stuck at the Fishing Guild gate after death in DarkScape
    --- (Still a little buggy tho, should be fixed in v1.0.8)

    v1.0.6 - 9/26/15:
    - Now using JavaFX GUI
    - DarkScape Support
    --- Runs back to fishing area
    --- Support the lack-of/new fishing spots in DarkScape
    --- Death Counter added in GUI when in DS mode
    - New Location Supported
    --- Musa Point Fishing and TzHaar Banking
    ------ Lobster and Tuna/Swordfish

    v1.0.5 - 9/19/15:
    - Fixed issue where fishing spots were not being found under certain conditions in Lumbridge
    - Fixed issue where bot would run out of Fishing Guild
    - Added addition Anti-Ban features
    - Fixed two exceptions when handling Anti-Ban

    v1.0.4 - 9/17/15:
    - Temporarily removed run from combat to work on specific situation in Fishing Guild
    - Fixed a Null Pointer Exception during Case-7 anti-ban when no other players were around you
    - Added better description to XML manifest

    v1.0.3 - 9/16/15:
    - Fixed issue when running out of Bait or Feathers after restarting script bot
    - Added tags to XML manifest

    v1.0.2 - 9/14/15
    - Added running from fight (was rare occurance)
    - Fixed bug where opening Bank Deposit Box
    - Fixed bounding Area in Fishing Guild
    - Added Shark support
    - Fixed bug where bot would require client relaunch if the bot was stopped and attempted to be ran again
    - More Anti-Ban features

    v1.0 - 9/10/15:
    - Initial push to bot store

    Known Bugs:
    • None!
    • What was your location?
    • What were you fishing?
    • RS3 or OS?
    • Give, in great details, exactly what happened.

    Progress Reports:

    I have worked to make ApexFisher an all around great Fishing Bot. If you feel I deserve a donation, hit the button below :) (Donations are not required, but greatly appreciated!)

Recent Reviews

  1. kaliados
    Version: 3.5.0
    Doesn't have option to use or by default activate the Dragon Harpoon's special.
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      It automatically activates it if you have the harpoon equipped.
  2. habbohotel
    Version: 3.5.0
    Is it possible to delay the time of clicking on a fish spot. The bot is not human in how fast it clicks new spots.
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      In the Anti-ban tab you can enable the "Random delay" option.
  3. chris henderson
    chris henderson
    Version: 3.1.5
    Good job on the bot! Can you make the dragon harpoon available for use. To fish with it in my inventory?
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      Wasn't aware this was a thing! I'll add it after I finish my woodcutter rework (soon :D)
  4. phien
    Version: 3.1.4
    Keep walking around the bridge at barbarian fishing spot
  5. kickass
    Version: 3.1.2
    Just randomly keeps clicking around the barbarian fishing spot. Makes the character look really bot like. Seems to mistake fish dropped on the floor as a spot to fish or something.
  6. RIckkk
    Version: 3.0.7
    worked great but now if the bag is full it stops, he stays in barbarian village and doens't go to edgeville bank
  7. Zman116
    Version: 3.0.6
    It worked great but now i cant get it to work

    It is at barbarian vilage it goes to the bank and then just stops

    otherwise very nice!
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      This just randomly started happening? If you're on OSRS it sounds like you could be out of bait? (Possibru?) Could you leave a comment on the thread with some additional info and we can try to solve the problem? :)
  8. Crxst2
    Version: 3.0.3
    I have used it for weeks and made bank on osrs. Recently this script was unusable, I sent in my problem and now the script is working again. Thanks for the quick fix :D Cheers
  9. kelton b
    kelton b
    Version: 3.0.3
    decent bot but keeps getting stuck in bank. it wont open bank and after it deposits if you help it to, it cant exit out of bank needs updated
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      This sounds like a serious bug, can you leave a report in the discussion thread giving me more detail? You didn't mention where/what you were fishing, or if you were on OSRS or RS3. Give me some details on how I can reproduce this bug! Thanks:)
  10. UmbrionKnight
    Version: 3.0.2
    It does what it is supposed to, but it is not my favorite fishing bot.