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Auto RuneScape Trial 1.3.0

Automate your Max cape, today.

  1. Swych
    Auto RuneScape

    Tell the bot what you want to do and it will do it. Auto RuneScape is the first account-builder bot on RuneMate which aims to create accounts for any setup you give it.

    State of skills

    * Agility
    * Cooking
    * Crafting
    * Fishing
    * Fletching
    * Herblore
    * Mining
    * Smithing
    * Woodcutting

    * Construction
    * Farming
    * Firemaking
    * Hunter
    * Magic
    * Melee (Attack, Strength, Defence)
    * Prayer
    * Ranged
    * Runecrafting
    * Slayer
    * Thieving


Recent Reviews

  1. Xp00nu
    Version: 1.3.0
    Average at best, when smithing it clicks furnace after 4 bars which makes whole process slow, when smithing items at varrock west it does 1 inventory and kills bot, just stands at anvil spam clicking, then walks to bank and spam clicks empty inventory then back to anvil with nothing in inventory, used on 3 3+ month old hand trained account and banned on 2 within the next day of only 5 hours use each, when fishing it spam clicks the fishing spot every 30 seconds , when mining it spam clicks the ore and if lower level mining it just ruins the process and takes longer,

    don't waste your money on this bot 8c is far to expensive for this bot, its In pre development stage and is quite broken. ive used this for around 50+ hours on 10 accounts so I have definitely set it up correct.
  2. Dooooozie
    Version: 1.2.4
    Ive messed around with this a little bit and works pretty well. I would love to see how combat works once u have that added! Keep it up