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Slays the Corrupted Gauntlet. Built with account safety in mind
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First release
Last update
3.00 star(s) 6 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Based Corrupted Gauntlet v1.2.1 Released!

    Based Corrupted Gauntlet updated to v1.2.1.
  2. Based Corrupted Gauntlet v1.2.0 Released!

    Based Corrupted Gauntlet updated to v1.2.0.
  3. Based Corrupted Gauntlet v1.1.3 Released!

    Based Corrupted Gauntlet updated to v1.1.3.

Latest reviews

50% successful kills at the very best. not worth your money
Don't waste your money on this, it's terrible..
used it on a maxed combat account died every other run almost
Averages around 4kc/hr at 90 mage range def. Still sometimes leaves and doesn't get successful kills which can be seen from the kph. Nonetheless, when comparing to the other CG bot on the store, and it's successful 5kph, the price makes this bot worth using.

Next steps would maybe allow for T2 prep to ensure better kills, or to potential visit the reason why the bot leaves the CG/dies to Hunleff decreasing kph.
running on a 1 def pure with 99/range/mage - obviously dies a few times due to the 1 def but otherwise it's been great. Done 180 CGs so far. No complaints.
was working good enough considering the beta was free. no longer works but for me when it was working it was mostly acceptable with regular errors throughout the run.