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BB Kraken [LITE] 1.3.4

Slay the Kraken with ease.

  1. Bing Bong
    Slays the Kraken for your slayer task.

    Please keep me updated with any bugs / issues with the bot via RuneMates discord in #Help

    Please start the bot in your private instance next to kraken for now until further updates.

    Start the bot with Fishing Explosives in your inventory.

    The bot will eat food if inventory is full to loot.

    - Start bot inside instance
    - Have your autocast enabled if using autocasts as the bot isn't scripted to do this for you yet

    What the bot will do:
    -Use fishing explosives on the whirlpool and attack and loot.
    -High alch - Will only high alch, rune longsword, rune warhammer, Mystic water staff, mystic robe top & bottoms.