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BB Kraken 1.3.4

Slay the Kraken with ease.

  1. Bing Bong
    Slays the Kraken for your slayer task.

    Please keep me updated with any bugs / issues with the bot via RuneMates discord in #Help

    Please start the bot in your private instance next to kraken for now until further updates.

    Start the bot with Fishing Explosives in your inventory.

    Now supports Blood Spells to assist you with healing!

    The bot will eat food if inventory is full to loot.

    - Start bot inside instance
    - Have your autocast enabled if using autocasts as the bot isn't scripted to do this for you yet

    What the bot will do:
    -Use fishing explosives on the whirlpool and attack and loot.
    -High alch - Will only high alch, rune longsword, rune warhammer, Mystic water staff, mystic robe top & bottoms.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Divine91
    Version: 1.3.0
    Does its job, could have more stars if prayer flicking was implemented and traversing inbetween kills, world hopping if using regular cave
    1. Bing Bong
      Author's Response
      Prayer flicker is implemented.
      Traversal inbetween kills is not needed at all, it has support for blood spells + supply drops for food.
  2. swifyboi
    Version: 1.2.15
    full inv of food just get stuck boo
    1. Bing Bong
      Author's Response
      Sorry about that. I've just sent an update for the fix on this issue. Once again, sorry for the trouble.
  3. B1GFatz
    Version: 1.2.15
    getss stuck in that shark loop when full inv n gets shark drop as well
    1. Bing Bong
      Author's Response
      Sorry about that. I've just sent an update for the fix on this issue. Once again, sorry for the trouble.
  4. Jordan Perez
    Jordan Perez
    Version: 1.2.11
    constantly picking up and dropping sharks after one kill lmao
    1. Bing Bong
      Author's Response
      Yeh, I'm currently working on it, testing as I go as I don't have a Kraken task :( - Will be updating again shortly
  5. Jarv
    Version: 1.1.11
    Doesn't use fishing explosive on the whirlpool? please refund my 0,40 euros. what is the point of this bot if I have to manually start every kill. had to set it up multiple times because it keeps flicking prayer even when paused. Cant acces the bank or enter a private instance
  6. auzzyg
    Version: 1.1.8
    Works great, but i agree with the above. $.10 is too much for a bot that clicks like 5 times a minute.

    Maybe if it added support to finish the 100 killa in an instance combat achieve through blood barraging at 50% health or something.
  7. RadaghastClow
    Version: 1.1.2
    Good bot but, this do not worth $0.10
    1. Bing Bong
      Author's Response
      What could I do to improve it?

      What kind of features are you looking for