Chief Aerial Fisher 1.3

XP and pearls, from the heavens!

  1. Chieftain

    Does Aerial Fishing at Lake Molch, for hunting, fishing and cooking experience. You also earn Molch pearls,which can be exchanged for a wide array of rewards.

    1. Level 43 Hunter
    2. Level 35 Fishing


    1. Have an empty weapon, and hand/glove slot, or have enough space for the bot to unequip them.
    2. Start the bot,at Lake Molch. (MANDATORY)
    3. Have a knife,if you plan to cut fish. (or have inventory space so the bot can pick one up).
    4. If you plan to drop the fish, ensure you have an adequate amount of fish chunks, for bait, or else the bot will pick up King worms for bait, which is inefficient Xp. ( I suggest cutting the fish for a while until you have plenty fish chunks and then switch, to dropping the fish.)
    1. Make sure your camera is zoomed all the way out.
    2. Although this is a relatively safe method, I always suggest not botting accounts you are not willing to lose, so please do bot RESPONSIBLY, as this is a click intensive training method.
    3. There will be NO refunds, if you start the bot without the necessary skill requirements.

Recent Reviews

  1. mayne
    Version: 0.2
    no complaints, runs smooth
  2. xDuch
    Version: 0.2
    It works but could add some settings like faster cutting by using knife on fish. Add break options.