Chief Range Guild 1.0

Range XP that pays for itself

  1. Chieftain
    Complete's the Ranging Guild shooting range mini-game, for hp-less, ranging experience, and archery tickets.

    • 40+ Range (boostable)
    • Lots of Gold (costs 200+ per game,so bring a few 100k's to last a couple of days).
    • Bow (Maple bow, Yew bow, Magic bow or Dark bow).
    • Free inventory space.
    • Plenty of bronze arrows.
    Experience rates

    High range bonus == Higher experience rates.
    • 10k - 35k xp per hour ( 40 - 70 range ).
    • 35k - 45k xp per hour ( 70 - 80 range ).
    • 45k - 60k xp per hour ( 80 - 99 range ).
    Do note these experience rates are highly dependent on Gear and luck, if you have shit range gear and luck, you get shit experience.


    I highly recommend, you have your game screen on resizable mode, slightly faster experience with less clicking and consequently less likelihood of your account being disabled by jagex.

    IMPORTANT , change the screen mode prior to starting the bot, because changing it while the bot is running is known to cause issues with the client interacting with the game.

Recent Updates

  1. Chief Range Guild v1.0 Released!