Cuppa MinerAIO 1.6.32

Mine like a super dwarf!

  1. CuppaJava

    Mines (and banks) ore in many different locations, including specialty locations. Also supports powermining anywhere.

    More locations and features being added upon request.

    • powermining
    • banking at many locations
    • gem bag/coal bag supported
    • option: if a chisel in inventory, will automatically cut all gems & fletch gems into bolt tips (if we have the levels to do so)
    • option to world hop: when another player is within a radius OR all ore selected is depleted
    • 3 selection modes: "mine adjacent to starting spot", "mine certain ores within radius" or "click exact ores you want to mine"
    • option to use dragon pickaxe special
    Robust and Intelligent Decision Making:
    • Weighted-randomized movements: if mining in a large area, the bot will mine nearby rocks randomly, with a strong preference for close rocks and rarely mining medium-distance rocks (optional)
    • Turning time optimization: if mining in a small area (2/3 nearby rocks), the bot will mine the rock that requires the least time spent turning
    • "C" shape formation detection: if the 3 rocks selected form a "C", the bot will automatically walk to the middle of the C before mining
    Features in all of CuppaJava's Bots:
    • Saves settings from last session, even when you close Runemate. Jump right back in next time!
    • Customizable break handler, to log out for a little while every X minutes.
    • Customizable AFK handler, to idle the bot for a little while periodically.
    • Customizable stopping handler: to stop the bot after a selected amount of time.
    • Intelligent delays between actions.
    • Progress log with a bunch of info.
    • My own custom, robust traversal system written from the ground up. Doesn't rely on the Runemate "web" to work!

    Special Mine Locations Supported:

    • Amethyst mining
    • Barronite mining (A great, AFK, F2P method, like a mini F2P Motherlode Mine)
    • Desert sandstone/granite mining (supports Drew's grinder and waterskins with refilling at Enakhra's Lament fountain OR using lunars)
    • Shilo Village gem mine
    • Shilo Village underground gem mine
    • Rune essence/pure essence mining
    • Daeyalt essence mining
    • Volcanic ash mining on Fossil Island
    • Lovakite ore at Lovakengj mine
    Regular mines that support banking:
    • dwarven mine (from falador)
    • barbarian village
    • varrock west
    • varrock east
    • al kharid
    • rimmington
    • mining guild
    • mining guild extended
    • ardougne (north-east)
    • ardougne monastary (south-east) [Supports ardy cape teleport if worn!]
    • crafting guild (with fally diary)
    • mor ul rek
    • port khazard
    • fight arena mine
    • Trahaearn mine (Prifddinas)
    • Hosidius south
    • Mount Karuulm
    • I'm adding more locations, if you want a specific one request it on the thread


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Recent Reviews

  1. Delta Squad
    Delta Squad
    Version: 1.6.32
    Used this bot to powermine, a 1800 total main 50-70 mining, and have got two gimp accounts 1-60 mining. cuppa is goat.
    1. CuppaJava
  2. Stryker
    Version: 1.6.29
    bot is fantastic but beware i did just get banned while using it botting responsibly. was at iron ore near ardy cloak teleport.
  3. Tempted Headhunter
    Tempted Headhunter
    Version: 1.6.27
    Worked seamlessly from 1-60+ Mining. Only reason that I'm not using it still is because I've switched to Motherlode Mine (and the associated Cuppa assistant).

    Fantastic - 10/10 IGN
    1. CuppaJava
  4. Piggyrunner
    Version: 1.6.27
    That's a lot of damage. The best-Billy Mays
  5. dbj888
    Version: 1.6.21
    Work great but can you please update it to mine and bank at Dorgesh-Kaan mine!
  6. Topless Acid
    Topless Acid
    Version: 1.6.21
    Works better then advertised. After using Cuppa MLM to get to 99 mining, this allowed me to mine 40k amethyst without any problems. Now, I am smart about the amount of time I run the bot of course - no longer than 8 hours, breaks throughout (usually short breaks, 5-11 mins every 3 hours).

    This bot got me the pet, luckily while i was at the computer to respond to people saying GZ. Now my ironman has enough amethyst for tons of amethyst darts and enough banked xp for 99 crafting and fletching from them.

    The only recommendation I would give is for the amethyst mining setting, maybe have a way to set a specific wall so the player doesn't run around like a weirdo and mine next to someone while there are only 2 people there? Usually people pick walls and stay at those 4-6 amethyst. Highly recommend!
  7. 0nlyDefense
    Version: 1.6.20
    Alright so I wanted to use this for a bit before leaving a review. I alternated between this and the motherload mine script. I went from 81 to 97 before getting hit with a 2 day. Which to be completely honest, I ran it overnights almost every night for a few weeks and even forgot to turn it off a few times before going to work. So I overdid it, that wasn't on the script. It worked flawlessly and has made me a lot of money. One of the few scripters I trust
  8. Crude Phallus
    Crude Phallus
    Version: 1.6.18
    Works generally well, there's just a few things I think could be improved. It seems to randomly choose to right-click drop and mine rather than just shift clicking or regularly clicking respectively, which makes it seem rather bot-like. Is there a reason for this? Also the dropping could be quicker, maybe a slider to adjust the speed of dropping could be implemented?
    1. CuppaJava
      Author's Response
      The randomly right clicking thing is kinda hard to explain, but basically it's a failsafe to make sure the bot doesn't get stuck. Runemate's clicks aren't exact (and they're not meant to be), so when it right click-drops it's correcting itself as Runemate's mouse was about to do the wrong thing. I'm not sure if there's much else I can do about that but it shouldn't be an issue tbh.

      I can take a look at speeding up the dropping :)
  9. qpalzmm
    Version: 1.6.18
    was going to give a 4 for the expensive per hour cost but 0.07 is abit more reasonable. its good and gets the job done.
  10. NahtFaik
    Version: 1.6.15
    Ive always used cuppa bots. Simple and Awesome! Great in supporting their bots and they will dm you to help troubleshoot any issues you report to help the bot perform better. 1 star reviewers are from noobs who bot for 12 hours and wonder what happened to their account.
    1. CuppaJava