Cuppa MinerAIO 1.6.6

Mine like a super dwarf!

  1. CuppaJava

    Mines (and banks) ore in many different locations, including specialty locations. Also supports powermining anywhere.

    More locations and features being added upon request.

    • powermining
    • banking at many locations
    • gem bag/coal bag supported
    • option to world hop: when another player is within a radius OR all ore selected is depleted
    • 3 selection modes: "mine adjacent to starting spot", "mine certain ores within radius" or "click exact ores you want to mine"
    • option to use dragon pickaxe special
    Robust and Intelligent Decision Making:
    • Weighted-randomized movements: if mining in a large area, the bot will mine nearby rocks randomly, with a strong preference for close rocks and rarely mining medium-distance rocks (optional)
    • Turning time optimization: if mining in a small area (2/3 nearby rocks), the bot will mine the rock that requires the least time spent turning
    • "C" shape formation detection: if the 3 rocks selected form a "C", the bot will automatically walk to the middle of the C before mining
    Features in all of CuppaJava's Bots:
    • Saves settings from last session, even when you close Runemate. Jump right back in next time!
    • Customizable break handler, to log out for a little while every X minutes.
    • Customizable AFK handler, to idle the bot for a little while periodically.
    • Customizable stopping handler: to stop the bot after a selected amount of time.
    • Intelligent delays between actions.
    • Progress log with a bunch of info.
    • My own custom, robust traversal system written from the ground up. Doesn't rely on the Runemate "web" to work!

    Special Mine Locations Supported:

    • Amethyst mining
    • Barronite mining (A great, AFK, F2P method, like a mini F2P Motherlode Mine)
    • Desert sandstone/granite mining (supports Drew's grinder and waterskins with refilling at Enakhra's Lament fountain OR using lunars)
    • Shilo Village gem mine
    • Shilo Village underground gem mine
    • Rune essence/pure essence mining
    • Daeyalt essence mining
    • Volcanic ash mining on Fossil Island
    • Lovakite ore at Lovakengj mine
    Regular mines that support banking:
    • dwarven mine (from falador)
    • barbarian village
    • varrock west
    • varrock east
    • al kharid
    • rimmington
    • mining guild
    • mining guild extended
    • ardougne (north-east)
    • ardougne monastary (south-east) [Supports ardy cape teleport if worn!]
    • crafting guild (with fally diary)
    • mor ul rek
    • port khazard
    • fight arena mine
    • Trahaearn mine (Prifddinas)
    • I'm adding more locations, if you want a specific one request it on the thread


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Recent Reviews

  1. qventuss
    Version: 1.6.6
    Hey man. I've followed your work for a bit now and I like how active you are with adding and implementing things on your bots. I've also a big fan about how active you are in the comments.

    That being said, please implement a feature where the logout task is delayed. No human ever logs out that fast after doing a certain task, it is very suspicious behavior and I thnk that gets alot of accounts banned. I've used this bot for a while now, where 3 of my accounts have been banned using this bot. And I suspect the way the bot logs out is what gives it away most of the time.

    Hopefully you get to read this.
    1. CuppaJava
      Author's Response
      I am sorry to hear it, but glad you're overall mostly satisfied with the bot.

      I can absolutely increase the delay before logging out. I'll add it to my todo list and make the code change likely tomorrow. It might not be in the next update (as I currently have an update queued), but I promise it'll be in the one after that.

  2. emledoux
    Version: 1.6.0
    the review below is definitely fabricated, or the person has absolutely no sense of how to use a bot
  3. iedave8
    Version: 1.6.0
    beware, should have tested on a different account. One of my mains were permabanned after using this "paid" script after blindly trusting the reviews. Used for less than a total of two hours over the span of two days. havnt botted on the accounted in over a year. Set up everything to prevent attention on top of the default settings. been botting without issue on my two other accounts until, slightly frustrated because those scripts were free and so i didn't try it out first. BEWARE dont risk it until you try it and give it some time. hope to save someone elses main. shouldnt have been lazy and just grinded out that last level...
    1. CuppaJava
      Author's Response
      I'm definitely sorry to hear you got banned, but unfortunately there is always that risk when botting. If you botted with "safe" settings and didn't notice any major issues in the bot, unfortunately there's really nothing else I can do here. All I can do is offer a working bot (which it sounds like it did work for you). It sounds like you just got very unlucky on the ban.

      Sorry anyway, bans suck.
  4. ImVeryLaggy
    Version: 1.6.0
    top quality
  5. ridah
    Version: 1.5.23
    Worked perfectly fine on Varrock-East! Will try more spots soon
  6. MoeFromThe6ix
    Version: 1.5.17
    Excellent bot. Writer updates it frequently. I don't know about powermining methods, but I ran over 100 hours of afk methods and bot was great. Few errors came up, which I brought up to the writer. The writer took care of the issues in a reasonable time. Good script. Good writer.
    1. CuppaJava
  7. Delta Squad
    Delta Squad
    Version: 1.5.16
    Ran this bot for 55-68 mining power mining iron, worked flawlessly and have not caught a ban 4 weeks later
  8. Hamon1994
    Version: 1.5.14
    Best mining bot Ive used but got me banned :/ Didnt use any other bot on the account that got banned despite using breaks and botting less than 5 hours a day for a few days :(
  9. markschneider94
    Version: 1.5.11
    fountain works for sandstone now, amazing bot. 10/10
  10. alpacabear7
    Version: 1.5.10
    Great mining bot. I love having the ability to select exactly which rocks I want to mine.