Dan Blast Furnace 2.1.2

Blasts the furnace

  1. dahnae
    If you have questions/requests, you can join my discord

    How to use :
    • Make sure you have "Shift click to drop items" enabled
    • Make sure you have "Esc closes the current interface" enabled
    • Make sure your character is in the Blast Furnace, on a Blast furnace world
    • Make sure you have enough ores/coal and gold to refill the coffer if necessary
    • Make sure the bot has the desired cooling method equipped or in inventory (Ice gloves or bucket). The bot can withdraw goldsmithing gloves and/or coal bag.
    • Adjust bot settings and press "Save and apply". You can edit those settings again even if the bot is running.
    • If the bot gets stuck, make sure the camera allows the chest and the conveyor to be visible at all times. With playersensed camera settings and Fixed Size canvas mode, this should always be true. In resizable mode, visibility checks do not consider the area between the inventory and the minimap, adjust accordingly. See examples of incorrect screen size and camera here and here.

    Features :
    • Support for any bar
    • Support for Goldsmithing gauntlets
    • Support for Ice gloves
    • Support for gloves switching
    • Support for stamina and energy potions
    • Support for auto coffer refilling
    • Support for paying the foreman at level < 60
    • Multi-account and progressive mode supported
    • Stop conditions
    • Customisable Break Handler
    • Anti-stuck feature, which logs out and stops the bot after 60 seconds of inactivity, or less than 3 unique actions in the 20 latest actions
    • A dozen Playersense data points, which allows for a unique profile for every bot.
    • An in-depth exp/profit tracker

    Bar rates :

    These are the rates that I'm getting (lvl 1 agility, coal bag, stamina potions and ice gloves), they can vary with playersense, lag, ping, etc.
    • Gold bars : 4.5k/hr
    • Steel bars : 4.4k/hr
    • Mithril bars : 3.1k/hr
    • Adamantite bars : 2.4k/hr
    • Runite bars : 1.9k/hr

    Planned Features :
    • Grand Exchange support



Recent Reviews

  1. Cody Crouse
    Cody Crouse
    Version: 2.1.2
    It works ok but I'm wondering why I'm just sitting in the bank menu multiple times just lagged out from depositing ores? Eventually it goes but it stays there way too long. Ruining the xp per hour. When I do this for an hour I'm hitting 300K/hour easy with gold and this thing is struggling to keep at 180k/hour because of the task lagging. Doesn't get the bars when its supposed to, doesn't run to the smelter part to grab the bars efficiently. As a human I'm twice as efficient as this laggy bot. Do better.
  2. kontkever
    Version: 2.1.1
    Runs smooth until approx 32-33 minutes. Everytime I run this bot it starts messing up at that timestamp so needs to be restarted and thus bot will actually cost double per hour. (Will run straight to bank after places ores, then back to pick up bars, reducing xp/hr by around 30%)
  3. Sjg132
    Version: 2.0.16
    Permabanned 2/3/2023 after using it for a few days like 2 hours a day.
  4. TrapAdam28
    Version: 2.0.16
    This was working fine but I think it may have issues with calculations or something with the coal bag. It gets stuck in the bank sometimes when it is supposed to be refilling on coal. I think if you leave the Blast Furance with some already in it and then come back it messes up the bot. If you can fix this issue, it works perfectly and i'll re-rate to 5-star.
  5. Potshot
    Version: 2.0.16
    Seems half-baked. Greatly looked forward to using this after using the Dan Giants' Foundry but this doesn't seem to have the same care given to it. Bot moved camera even when I don't use playersense so it freezes consistently on every action. After that randomly stopped 15mins into my fiddling with it the bot then started auto clicking onto the settings menu then freezing. Not sure what is going on with this but everything in the list of reqs to run it was checked, repeatedly. Wasted 40mins before deciding it wasn't worth the time.
    1. dahnae
      Author's Response
      There currently is no way to disable the camera turning. If you disabled the playersense settings, you will have to manually pick your camera settings by using the sliders.
  6. Yanni09
    Version: 2.0.16
    Got 99 smithing with this in about 3 weeks, great bot
  7. YoMumaSoFat
    Version: 2.0.16
    Had worked before but now cant deposit ores. Did everything required and even reset keybindings just to check. No love. Must have spent 5 times running just for it to fail. I used before and it worked well so no ideal.
    1. dahnae
      Author's Response
      Hello! Sometimes, issues like this are weird bugs that can get fixed by restarting runemate + runelite/vanilla (use trial version for testing). If that doesn't fix it, please send me your logs here or on discord. Thanks!
  8. Jay Tea
    Jay Tea
    Version: 2.0.15
    Gold works for me not problem but If i try to do anything else it just keeps telling me I have no gold. Tried to make silver bars but couldnt
    1. dahnae
      Author's Response
      Hello! Sometimes, issues like this are weird bugs that can get fixed by restarting runemate + runelite/vanilla (use trial version for testing). If that doesn't fix it, please send me your logs here or on discord. Thanks!
  9. Edudley
    Version: 2.0.15
    Thanks for keeping this script up to date. Works great for me. keep an eye on it. Don't no life the script
  10. Fred12124
    Version: 2.0.12
    Bot works fine if you set it up correctly, my only issue with it is that it stops after 1-hour 1min of running. So, it charges you for 2 hours for one, have breaks and such turned off and can't work out why it stops after an hour.