Divine NMZ 3.4.41

You couldn't dream for more exp!

  1. Serene
    Dream Away to Unlimited Xp

    Included Features:
    -Rapid heal (w/ optional quick-prayer support)
    -Prayer Potions w/ banking
    -Dream & Potion purchasing
    -Unlimited dreams w/ option to stop after "x" number of dreams
    -Special attacks with over 30 supported weapons
    -Intelligent potion detection (will buy potions with points if you are low)
    -All rumble dreams supported with over 25 bosses
    -Fully customizable breakhandler w/ saving & loading breaks
    -Integrated in-depth statistical analysis (outputs skill info and live supply information)
    -Auto-filling UI for quick usage
    -Ability to save settings
    -In-depth anti-ban with 'no-action' detection to keep you aggro
    -Supply, ammo, and blowpipe scale/dart detection
    -Early quitting (through both overloads and low supplies)
    -Hp-leveling compensation
    -Magic re-select (for when you finish dreams)
    -Resizable mode support
    -Guthan's mode support-
    Quick-prayer auto correction (will remove and set correct quickprayers for you!)
    Auto-retaliate auto correction (will turn on auto-retal in case you forget; please try not to though!)

    Future features:

    -Power surge enabling (finished - delayed until further notice)
    -Combat prayer flicking (finished - delayed until further notice)
    -Non-NMZ potion support [ranging, combat, scb] (finished - delayed until future release)
    -DH repair (in progress)​

    • Randomized Breaks:
      • When using this section, the bot creates a number of randomized breaks that follow within upper and lower thresholds that you have selected.
      • Use this section if you don't want to specify an exact start and end time for your breaks.
      • Minimum Playtime: The minimum amount of time you want the bot to run in game before logging out and taking a break
      • Maximum Playtime: The maximum amount of time you want the bot to run in-game before logging out and taking a break.
      • Minimum Breaktime: The shortest amount of acceptable time you want the bot to spend logged out and taking a break from botting. This is your low limit.
      • Maximum Breaktime: The longest amount of time you want the bot to spend logged out and taking a break from botting. This is your high limit.
      • Amount: The amount of breaks you want the bot to create following the thresholds you have set above.
      • Once all of this is set, press create breaks and you are done!
    • Custom Breaks:
      • When using this section, the bot will create a break with the exact start time and end time (OR length, depending on which add-mode you select) based on the values you input. Use this section if you know you want the bot to run for exactly "x" amount of time and break for exactly "y" amount of time.
      • When selecting the mode "Add direct':
        • Think of this mode as "I want this break to start and end at exact times that I want to put in."
        • Start time: The exact runtime that you want the break to start at. If you enter "00:00:00" the break will start when the runtime is at 00:00:00.
        • End time: The exact runtime that you want the break to end at.
        • If I enter a start time of "03:00:00" and an endtime of "04:15:30" the bot will start and end exactly at those times!
        • Once your settings are selected, press "Add direct" and your break will be added to the list.
      • When selecting the mode "Append to end":
        • Think of this mode as "I want to create a break of exactly "x" length, but just want to add it to the end of the list that I already have."
        • Start time: The exact runtime AFTER your last break, when you want your next break to start. Think of this as "how long you want the bot to run after your last break before starting a new one." If your last break ends at "01:00:00" and you select "02:00:00" for append-mode, your next break will start at exactly "02:00:00" (or 2 hours) after the break ending at "01:00:00" (or at exactly "03:00:00".
        • End time: The exact runtime AFTER this specific break STARTS that you want it to end (in reference to the start time). Think of this as "how long do I want this break to run", and add that value to the start time to determine your end time. For example, if I want a break to run for 3hrs and my start time value is "01:00:00", then I would input "04:00:00" (because 01:00:00 + 3hrs is 04:00:00)
        • In short, if you are using this mode you are most likely trying to setting an "exact length" for a new break (after a list full of already created breaks). This is NOT to be thought of as setting an exact start and end time - if you are doing that, use the "add direct" option.
        • Once your settings are selected, press "Append to end" and your break will be added to the END of the list.
    • For bug reports:
      • For every bug report, upload a copy of the follow logs:
        • RuneMate / Spectre Logs
        • Shared Logs
        • Game Logs
        • Bot Logs that match the specific instances you're having issues with (i.e. Divine-###)
        • If RuneMate will not let you upload as .log files, rename them to .txt files or upload them to pastebin.
        • Logs can be found by selecting Help -> View Logs in the RuneMate client. They can also be found (on Windows PC) at C://Users/User/RuneMate/logs
      • Describe the problem as much as you can.

    • For refunds

      • You will need to include everything requested in the bug report section above.
      • You will need to post wallet screenshots that verify that you paid for the session(s).
        • The screenshot should include your username and session transactions to verify that it is you who made the payment.
      • Refunds are only made for bot errors. If the problem is caused by user error (your fault), or client error (i.e. an update to RS, or common client exception), a refund will most likely not be given.
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Recent Reviews

  1. tf3090
    Version: 3.4.41
    Better than Prime NMZ and nearly half the price. I wish quick prayers worked and there was power surge support (the only thing Prime NMZ has on this bot). I'd pay $0.10/hr for a version of this bot with as much features as Prime NMZ (but actually working)
  2. D3livery4ICWiener
    Version: 3.4.40
    Used it for attack and defense from 75-90 and strength from 75-85 while planning on doing 90 as well and have had very few issues. Tried out the other, more expensive NMZ bot and, although power surge is available on that one, I was temp banned after 2.5-3.5 hours while I've run this up to 8-10 hours at a time on numerous occasions without being banned. Great work!
  3. Dremtec
    Version: 3.4.38
    Have gotten Maxed Melee over multiple accounts running 12 hours a day. Always maximized client to bypass it getting stuck
  4. steef
    Version: 3.4.38

    ive used this bot around 6 months later and it STILL has the same bugg.
    If the dream is finished, it still gets stuck at the chest trying to buy absorption and overload potions...

    This has been an issue for almost a year now and a buddy of mine also has this problem..

    I mean furthermore its doing a very good job, but once its finished with the dream the bot is just stuck ( i've wasted alot of $ on that too, since sometimes I let it run and then it just stands there stuck for 2 hours or something, and I really didnt expected it to still be there lol...)
    1. Serene
      Author's Response
      Take a look at the discussion thread. It'll definitely key you in on what is causing the problem, and how you can prevent it from happening.
  5. slimjimmy123
    Version: 3.4.38
    This bot exactly what it says. It's missing some features that the other (more expensive) Nightmare both has. However, $1 gets me 16 hours of runtime and that's worth every penny. Thanks mate.
  6. DeadSxyth
    Version: 3.4.38
    Good Script, only wish that power surges would work, other than that solid!
  7. k101817
    Version: 3.4.38
    Very low quality bot. ESPECIALLY for premium. Very limited config options for a premium bot. Text in config isn't fully displayed and gets cut off. Bot gets stuck buying absorptions and overloads at the shop. Several crashes before it started working. Absorption HP is not properly displayed in the output. And best of all, charged 4 times trying to get this bot to work. DO NOT USE THIS BOT.
    1. Serene
      Author's Response
      there's a lite version to help with learning how to use premium bots (almost all of them have them). if you were charged 4 times to get it to work, then you started/stopped multiple times. that's not under my control.

      getting stuck buying at the shop is a client issue. best way to resolve it is to either use fixed mode, or have resizable set to a very wide (& zoomed out) screen as opposed to the default. nothing i can do about that atm besides forcing you to the correct screen size, which would be a pretty bad idea to do to every person using this bot. for config options, i'm curious - what do you feel is missing outside of power surge and dharok repair?

      as for the ui, it's already being reworked atm. any other suggestions, feel free to post in the support thread.
  8. penalty
    Version: 3.4.38
    im only pushing around 20k str exp per hour, i feel like this bot could be so much better.
    1. Serene
      Author's Response
      any recommendations on where?
  9. macca12
    Version: 3.4.38
    Excellent bot, Would highly recommend!
  10. yiffy4ever
    Version: 3.4.38
    it locks up while picking the bosses, then just freezes there. even if you pick them yourself and try to pause/unpause.