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Fight Caves Mate Trial 1.4.14

Show TzTok-Jad who's boss!

  1. SlashnHax
    Check out the discord channel: Discord - A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities
    This trial version will complete up to and including wave 31, then log out. This will allow you to check that it works fine with your settings and gear.
    This bot isn't a silver bullet that absolves all RNG to complete the caves.
    Recommended setup

    Recommended minimum: 40 def, 43 prayer, 61 range
    Recommended stats: 70 def, 74 prayer, 75 range
    1 def pures will struggle due to monsters attacking on the same tick (Damage is calculated on animation, not hitsplat, so even if they hit at different times the tick you need to pray is the same) Some users have had success using the 'Prayer only' mode (Only handles prayers, not eating or combat) and playing more defensively.
    Best ranged gear you can afford. At a minimum, Rune Crossbow with Diamond bolts (e).
    Make sure you bring enough ammo for the runs you want to do. If you run out the bot will escape the caves and stop.
    • Use rock to safespot on
    • Prayer Style: Direct Flicking
    • Direct Input Inventory on
    • Stop after attempts 0 (if you just want 1 attempt, set it to 1, if you want 2, set it to 2...)
    Break Handler off (unless you plan to leave it on for hours on end)
    • Food: Best you have, 26 - stat boost amount (20 if you're bringing 6 range potions)
    • Prayer restore: Prayer potion, 2
    • Stat boost: Ranging potion, 6
    Prayer (Direct Flicking)
    • Use offensive prayer on, best you have access to
    • Use defensive prayer on, best you have access to
    Prayer (Mouse Flicking/Swapping)
    • Use offensive prayer off
    • Use defensive prayer off

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