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Woodcutting bot for WC Guild. duh :p
First release
Last update
4.18 star(s) 56 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Fizz WC Guild v1.6.2 Released!

    Fizz WC Guild updated to v1.6.2.
  2. Fizz WC Guild v1.6.1 Released!

    Fizz WC Guild updated to v1.6.1.
  3. Fizz WC Guild v1.6.0 Released!

    Fizz WC Guild updated to v1.6.0.

Latest reviews

wont start cutting.
good bot but got banned for abusing the bot xD
Was working well. I've had a few times where it would walk to a tree area and not chop. I was able to get it to work in the past somehow. Now when stopping the bot, it causes Runemate to stop responding, locking runelite accessibility due to the keyboard and mouse continuing to be locked after killing the process.
how to start the bot?
It worked great but not it banks my axe that i have in my inventory for some reason
It works, collects nest and banks no problem. Be nice if it could use D.axe special. The only thing that's a bit off is it moves the camera way to much. Even if you put it on low it moves approx. every 5 sec. I have no idea how bot detecting works, but a real player afk cutting wouldn't move the camera this much, could this be why so many get the ban?
great! gets the job done
Worked well before getting a Permanent ban on 2 accounts.
10/10 for reliability! such a good script.
Works flawlessly, I'm unsure how anyone has ever had an issue. I've achieved 99 wc using this