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Hexis Altar Lite 2.3.21

Holier than thou

  1. Swych
    Offers any bone at a Gilded/Chaos altar. Supports host detection, self-hosting, and friends houses.
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Recent Reviews

  1. googleftw
    Version: 2.3.19
    Works great at wildy altar. Hops instant and offers the bone fast. If you have issues dying, check and see if the option for hop when anyone in my bracket is around. (if skulled only option is on, someone can skull on you and you'll die since theyre unskulled)
  2. Swaggerzx
    Version: 2.3.16
    Does what its supposed to but the pker detection is ass. died 5 times
    1. Swych
      Author's Response
      weird, must be a bug in the lite version because no one on the pro version seems to get pked :)
  3. BottyBobby
    Version: 2.3.11
    Brilliant mate!
  4. Grizz117
    Version: 2.1.18
    Amazing. You sir are a legend, flawless.
    Runs out of run energy can we do stamina potions as well? Cheers from Australia.