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A Lumbridge-East chicken killer and feather collector
First release
Last update
4.08 star(s) 24 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Mouseys Feather Picker v1.1.1 Released!

    Mouseys Feather Picker updated to v1.1.1.
  2. Mouseys Feather Picker v1.1.0 Released!

    Mouseys Feather Picker updated to v1.1.0. Now comes with runtime settings and automatic dropping...
  3. Mouseys Feather Picker v1.0.2 Released!

    Mouseys Feather Picker updated to v1.0.2. - fixed a null reference that some people had

Latest reviews

Have run this around other players and when alone.

It handles locking onto other peoples chickens better than other scripts. It doesn't click as much as other scripts too, however it's probably a little too fast and precise with bone burying and right-click-attacking chickens. I noticed that the bot accidentally picked up an egg, which it dropped out of the inventory without hassle.

For a free bot, it's really good. It's own metrics are telling me that I'm making 800+ features/hour.

Would be a 5-star free chicken killing bot if it wasn't such a manic clicker, however it's worth noting that this is less manic than, say, ChickenFighter.
This script works great however the details of where to kill which farm of chickens specifically lacks a lower rating but overall, not problem running this script. Just like the user DaBigBadWolf said "...works well on the east side of the river chicken farm..." (Northeast of Lumbridge starting teleportation point crossing the river).
Actually an incredibly good resource for new developers to runemate. Written well.
Thank you for your kindness, personally I don't think it is written that well. But it sure was a start. I'm a Unity C# developer, so going from C# to Java is a bit of a switch. AI isn't my strongest skill either.

I wish there were more examples to learn from, simple to understand commented code would've been very welcome. But I couldn't find that at the time I made it.

Last update I did was 2019 which is already 2 years ago. Not sure how safe it still is to use this script as it depends on the detection methods. I randomized some bits.

But I won't be writing an update anytime soon. There were things that I wanted to implement but I simply lacked the knowledge of the API. I lost the motivation to continue too due to that.

Maybe at some point I'll pick it up again, but I hope by then, more high quality examples are publically available.
It worked like a basic chicken killer script a a little slower than a normal player but hey if it runs for 9 hours straight that's great!
Ignore the bad reviews... works very well on the east side of the river chicken farm.. probably should say in the description though :)
shit closes scripte
just closes the Script ... Compleate Shit
Great free script, ran for a good 3/4 days mostly on with little breaks and only got banned just before this review. Will be using this again.
First time using. Worked pretty good. Well done.
Works like a charm, could bank bones if that possible.