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Noble Infernal Eels [LITE] 1.0.12

Fish the easy way. 250k-500k gp/h

  1. Bing Bong
    Fish the easy way. Passive Onyx, Lava scales and tokkul.

    - Correct materials in your inventory (Fishing bait, Oily fishing rod, Hammer)
    - Ice gloves must be worn.
    - Stand at the fishing spot recommended

    Items needed:
    1. Fishing Bait
    2. Ice gloves (Worn)
    3. Oily fishing rod
    4. Hammer

    Start the bot in the highlighted area.


Recent Reviews

  1. bugbearlapdancer
    Version: 1.0.11
    Good as a fishing bot but when it uses the dragon harpoon special it just stands there instead of starting to fish so having to run it with that option off. Also incompatible with smithing gauntlets (i) so need to dismantle them to get the ice gloves back. Other than that not a bad bot