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* Equipment config
* Break handler
* Supports POH restoration
* Supports combat potions
* Supports Piety/Rigour

If you encounter any bugs or have feedback feel free to reach me out in the Noble Discord server:
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Bot is supposed to be 1 tile away from KBD (melee range) for max efficiency.
First release
Last update
2.80 star(s) 5 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Noble KBD v2.0.6 Released!

    Noble KBD updated to v2.0.6.
  2. Noble KBD v2.0.4 Released!

    Noble KBD updated to v2.0.4.
  3. Noble KBD v2.0.7 Released!

    Noble KBD updated to v2.0.7.

Latest reviews

Def have to watch as its new but I'm glad this exists. A couple issues i noticed:
- Handling of the spec wep isnt great, it seems to keep it equiped and doesnt go back to the regular equipment loadout. But, you can go without a spec wep so its not a big deal.
- Seems to mass click KBD during fights which makes it sus.
- Was on "Pathing to refreshment" at ferox but it decided to go to lava maze with 15hp instead
- Doesn't walk under KBD very well if at all
- Seems to wait for KBD to spawn before it loots
- If you bring a ring like berserker, itll unequip it for a ring of dueling.
bot is busted, it preps for kbd, travels to kbd, then script just stops once it clicks on kbd. I will fix rating when the bot is fixed.
Thank you for providing no logs whatsoever, there's a discord link once u start the bot and you can post logs there so I can look up the issue.
bot ran perfectly, logged out when it saw pk'rs and killed kbd pretty flawlessly. Only thing I saw a problem with was at the very beginning it was trying stand underneath kbd and taking a lot of unnecessary damage. Don't understand why people are having trouble with this bot, works great.
Thanks for the review!

The standing under the KBD is because it's trying to get the perfect position to stand 1 tile away from the KBD for the melee attacks.

V2.0 should be pushed out soon with most of the bugs fixed and special gear support.
Ran it twice it never worked was stuck waiting for the settings to be set, which i did and clicked update and it did nothing lol.
works well only it wont keep distace with ranged method and keeps flicking ranged protection. if u fix these 2 problems then this bot will be spectacular.
Yeah ranged prayer flicks are fucked, have to fix that. Also the reason it doesn't keep distance for ranged is so that we can get in melee position with the prayers (Again, have to fix prayers for that). Will be fixed in next update.

EDIT: You'll have to manually set quick prayers for now till fixed.