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Phosani's Nightmare Mate Trial 1.2.5

Sweet dreams are made of this.

  1. Defeat3d
    Attention all Oldschool Runescape players! Are you constantly defeated by Phosani's Nightmare? In search of a fully automated, sophisticated solution to crush this boss? Your search ends here! Presenting - Phosani Mate - the ultimate bot for killing Phosani's Nightmare.

    Phosani Mate is crafted with precision, ensuring maximum efficiency and zero game tick wastage. With the comprehensive suite of features listed below, mastering Phosani's Nightmare will be a breeze!
    • Perfect prayer handling using Direct Input: Phosani Mate flawlessly flicks both protective and offensive prayers using Direct Input, preserving your prayer points and optimizing attack efficiency.
    • Rapid equipment switching: Phosani Mate swiftly switches equipment using Direct Input, ensuring optimal gear use for various combat situations.
    • Intelligent grasping claw evasion: The bot smartly evades the deadly grasping claws, maintaining both safety and effective attacking distance.
    • Spore avoidance: Phosani Mate maneuvers around spores strategically, keeping you in the clear and focused on your target.
    • Proactive Parasite handling: The bot is always ready to exterminate Parasites before they emerge, preventing any potential damage or healing.
    • Reactive Husk handling: Phosani Mate is quick to recognize Husk spawn, ensuring timely response to this potential threat.
    • Charge attack handling: The bot reacts promptly to charge attacks, minimizing damage and maintaining combat momentum.
    • Ghost Thrall support: Phosani Mate commands the Greater Ghost Thrall to augment your damage output significantly.
    • Wide range of supported equipment: Choose your preferred gear! Phosani Mate is compatible with any equipment, requiring only a charged staff for Totems and any form of ranged for Sleepwalkers.
    • Wide range of supported potions and food: Phosani Mate supports a comprehensive list of consumables, including Divine super combat, Super restore, Sanfew serum, and Relicym's balm. It also supports most types of food.
    • Heart support: If you own a Saturated or Imbued heart, Phosani Mate uses it intelligently for maximum benefit.
    • Intelligent looting: Phosani Mate strategically picks up and utilizes consumables dropped by the boss for succeeding kills.
    • Death walk: In case of death, Phosani Mate retrieves your items and resumes from where you left off, saving you valuable time.

    With Phosani Mate, you're not only equipped to take down the Nightmare but also perfectly poised to complete every combat achievement, including "Can't Wake Up", "I Would Simply React", "Perfect Phosani's Nightmare" and "Phosani's Speedrunner". Your journey to becoming a Nightmare conquering champion starts here!

    Unleash the power of Phosani Mate with our free one-hour trial today! Run the bot for up to an hour every three days, providing ample time to familiarize yourself with its potent features and understand how it can take your boss battles to new heights. Don't miss out on this opportunity to try the ultimate Phosani's Nightmare-killing bot.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Oridian
    Version: 0.1.2
    This bot kills Phosani better than any of us could ever do - it can't be bargained with, it can't be reasoned with, it doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop ever... Until you run out of credits.
    Just shut up and give @Mate your money