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Prime Barrows FREE 2.22.2

Grave digging made fun

  1. Jhinn
    Prime Barrows is the most advanced Barrows bot on the market, boasting a number of features which will carry your account out of this world!

    Having issues, questions or want to leave feedback? Join the Prime Discord or create an issue on our Issue Tracker.

    This bot combines the intelligence and rigidity that you would expect from any Prime Bot, capable of running flawlessly for days on end. Additionally, this bot makes heavy use of the RuneMate PlayerSense API. This, alongside the mountain of anti-detection features loaded into all Prime Bots, means you can sleep soundly knowing your account is in safe hands. Prime Barrows is a great choice for every type of player.

    Feature list:
    • Supported Weaponry - Prime Barrows supports almost every weapon and gear type in the game, even the special ones!
      • Toxic Blowpipe
      • Crystal bow
      • Armadyl crossbow
      • Dragon crossbow
      • Rune crossbow
      • All shortbows
      • Trident of the Seas
      • Trident of the Swamp
      • Iban Staff (u)
      • Kodai wand
      • Harmonized nightmare staff
      • Master wand
      • Warped sceptre
      • All battle staves
      • All melee weapons
    • Special equipment
      • Tome of fire
      • Tome of water
      • Rune pouch
      • Strange lockpick
    • Gear sets - Prime Barrows provides you with the ability to select custom gear sets for each brother, as well as a spec gearset that is used against the Ahrim brother.
    • Crypt Pathfinding - Prime Barrows offers a unique and smart pathfinding system that has been created to navigate through the barrows crypts without any issues. This includes several fail-safe systems in case the bot gets stuck.
    • Traversal options - The bot can traverse to and from Barrows in multiple ways.
      • Barrows teleport tab
      • Barrows teleport spell
      • Fairy ring (BKR)
      • Mort'ton teleport scroll
      • Portal Nexus
      • Portal Chamber (Barrows Portal)
      • Jewellery Box
      • Mounted glory
    • Stat restore options - The bot can restore your stats in multiple ways.
      • Pool of refreshment
      • Clan wars portal
      • Rejuvenation pool (Normal, Fancy, Ornate)
      • None
    • Rune pouch - This bot automatically detects, uses and fills up the rune pouch during your Barrows runs. It also automatically detects items like Tome of Fire if you have it equipped.
    • Barrows Sequence - Customize your own route and prioritize brothers in an order you find important. This allows for unique playstyles and gives the user the opportunity to customize the bots behaviour to their will. Recommendations are given, but you are free to override these at any moment.
    • SmartFood - Intelligent food detection. Prime Barrows will scan your bank and identify the best food, and how much food, to use to optimise gameplay and make life easier for you.
      • Alternatively, specify your own food! The UI has a useful tool which allows you to use any food, not just presets like other bots!
    • Custom Progress Trackers - Custom User Interface trackers allow the user to see how the bot is progressing and performing at any given moment.
    • Reward Potential - Prime Barrows always tries to find the best reward potential possible when navigating through the crypts. Based on numerous factors, the bot will reach the right amount of reward potential before opening the chest.
    • Play-style Definition - Humans each have their own unique play-style, and Prime Barrows does too. Each account will play a little differently from all of the others, aiding with your account's security.
    • Intelligent Banking - The Prime Banking Framework allows the bot to use the bank just like a human would.
    • Breaking - Humans take breaks, and your bot should too! Prime's Breaking Framework makes this a breeze.
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Recent Reviews

  1. heisenbergcm355
    Version: 2.22.2
    all i can say is that this is perfect done 100 plus chests zero ban had no problems
  2. peepoPogTreeHouse
    Version: 2.20.14
    Does barrows excellently!
  3. Kidkush1017
    Version: 2.4.6
    Impressed, this bot works really well from gear switches to finding supplies in the bank, although I do agree with the other comments that I would like a POH option with maybe a jewelry box tele to bank. Overall, excellent bot.
  4. rayalt
    Version: 2.0.12
  5. theodaddy
    Version: 2.0.6
    Overall works pretty well. One thing I would really like to see though is POH support. When I manually do the runs I wear my cons cape and use the portal nexus for unlimited teleports both ways where I can use the ornate rejuvenating pool and unnote pots and food from my butler
  6. elidan23
    Version: 2.0.4
    i love it for what it is the only problems/changes i can see is when using the trident it gets stuck before attacking dharoks regardless if it's at the crypt for in the tunnels.
    1. Jhinn
      Author's Response
      Send over a PM and I'll help you out.
  7. dsk789
    Version: 2.0.4
    Great running script that you can leave for hours to do complex combat tasks. Still updated frequently and highly supported by developer
  8. lavaman4
    Version: 2.0.4
    Pretty much what this guy said. I'm having the same exact issues.

    Not all the staffs from the list are supported.

    When it's leaving 1 brother it's doesn't dig to the next one you need to click every time inventory before it clicks. and you need to click on spade because it gets stuck,

    When I did go under the tunnel it got stuck and didn't know what to do almost died to Karil because it didn't pot and took off all weapons I don't know why.

    it teleports out before getting the loot when it easy just could use protect from melee so it didn't get hit from any monsters.

    Now at the bank, it gets stuck and gives me the error of not finding a trident of the seas when I am holding it.
  9. Jimothy Boobington
    Jimothy Boobington
    Version: 2.0.4
    Fast and reliable bot. Hit the occasional hiccup, but works for Hours at a time without the need to babysit it.
  10. Defeat3d
    Version: 2.0.0
    Just saw the announcement for this bot on Prime Zulrah and decided to give it a shot. God damn what a thing of beauty it just did 54 trips for me and got me 5 items!