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Prime NMZ FREE 4.8.4

Zzzz... Max combat!?

  1. Party
    Prime NMZ is the most advanced NMZ bot on the market, boasting a plethora of features to carry your account into the next world.

    Feature List:
    • Dream and Boss selection.
    • Intelligent Rock Cake & Rapid Heal support.
    • Protect from Melee support.
    • Highly configurable Melee & Ranged support.
    • Intelligent Special Attack usage.
    • Auto-cast any standard spell.
    • Advanced equipment configuration.
    • All Nightmare Zone potions.
    • Purchasing Nightmare Zone Potions.
    • Power Surge detection and usage.
    • Blowpipe restocking when out of darts/scales.
    • Coffer restocking when out of gold.
    • Barrows repair.
    • Intelligent banking algorithm.
    • Highly configurable Prayer support incl. quick-prayer configuration.
    • Auto-retaliate detection.
    • Thousands of human-like behaviours.
    • Any many more quality features that you'd expect from a Prime bot.
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Recent Reviews

  1. hyperblade
    Version: 4.8.4
    Tried using it for the 1st time with Prayer only mode and range setup.
    As soon as you start, the bot goes to bank to withdraw rune darts and scales where as the blowpipe is already loaded with scales and darts.
    Then the bot shuts down
  2. nukemdukem
    Version: 4.8.4
    In general, a very good bot I needed points for the diary and I managed to do it very fast so decided to just leave it to train for the 7 hours. I would give it 5 stars if it didn't just stop at the 7-hour expiry but instead left the arena. However, that said If i were planning to mass bot the NMZ I would definitely use the premium version of this.
  3. nbk65398
    Version: 4.8.2
    script is called "free" but stops after 7hour trial LOL just call it trial instead of "Free"
  4. Jwiz
    Version: 4.7.3
    works quite well for what i have done so far. I might update this review when I get to experience more of it's features as i level up more. <3
  5. LoafErikson
    Version: 4.7.3
    I set it up with a rock cake, overloads and absorbs, and it ran perfectly with no issues whatsoever. I'm not sure what kind of problems people may have been having before but, as long as your runelite isn't overloaded with plugins this thing is friggin awesome! Thanks for the amazing script!
  6. TheDrips
    Version: 4.7.3
    was working for the first hour until it would get stuck trying to buy absorbtions and try to collect absorbs from the barrel when there are none. goes into rumble and does not have reoverload or hit my rock cake. had to babysit until i died. not sure how to send report but hopefully this can be looked into somehow and fixed and i will change my rating
  7. lemonteamcd21
    Version: 4.7.3
    very good script ngl. helps my ranged skill a lot
  8. Anonymous Unknown
    Anonymous Unknown
    Version: 4.7.0
    Need help getting this to work
  9. Bannet
    Version: 4.7.0
    Seems stable
  10. littlebilly989
    Version: 4.4.7
    pretty smooth. overall had no issues for first 7 hours