QuickCook 1.0.21

Become a Master Chef Today!

  1. Hyperion
    • Cooks and prepares all items, including Jugs of Wine
    • Task Queuing
    • Support for many different locations
    • Automatically uses Portable Cooker anywhere
    • Option to deploy your own Portable Cooker if none are available nearby
    • Option to use and set Bank Presets (RS3)
    • Support for Stamina and Energy/Super Energy Potions (OS)
    • Advanced break handler, which generates different breaks for each user and persists them across runs.
    Supported Item Types
    • Meats
    • Fishes
    • Pizzas
    • Uncooked Pies
    • Cooked Pies
    • Other (Jug of Wine, Sweetcorn, Potatoes)
    Cooking Locations
    • Al'Kharid (OS & RS3)
    • Lumbridge Castle - Bank on roof or in basement (OS & RS3)
    • Rogues Den (OS & RS3)
    • Neitiznot (OS & RS3)
    • Cooks Guild (OS & RS3)
    • Catherby (OS & RS3)
    • Hosidius House (OS)
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Recent Reviews

  1. iTzRaDiaNTTV
    Version: 1.0.21
    A Must Have in your Script Libary! it's Great for grinding out those levels Fast!!! @Dev One fix would be it uses the Chest at the Den Bank, But need to use the Man next to the fire, so it will look more legit. Thanks <3 Great Free script
  2. andreloiro
    Version: 1.0.21
    It's very good bot, but in rogue dens can you plz update de bank ?? TY :)
  3. yarkin.34
    Version: 1.0.21
    Pretty good, running smoothly for almost 12 hours, almost no miscliks, pretty fast.
  4. ameerjn
    Version: 1.0.21
    works as it should, rarely has any issues...
    fast and efficient, I'd suggest adding breaks tho
  5. d3ll
    Version: 1.0.21
    Has a lot of bad lick in Lumby castle, and problems exiting bank. Has to be watched or will get stuck
  6. wesmat9
    Version: 1.0.21
    Great bot got me to 99 doing wines no problem.
  7. Venech
    Version: 1.0.21
    Doesn't work at Hodiuos, Needs fixed. When clicking on a stove or a fire it selects right it will cook about 5 then clicks on the fish again and click on stove or fire once more. It needs fixed to just one click and that it. For wines it does good except when making, It starts and makes 3 or 4 then click again to make again. Needs fixed to just one click and keep it going until done. Rouge den needs updated to bank from the dude and not the chest, It's suspicious
  8. iRS
    Version: 1.0.21
    [RS3] It works....
    But, it missclicks ALOT
  9. Glazkov
    Version: 1.0.21
    Terrible bot. Slow, laggy, a lot of illogical clicks, also 100% CPU and 100% GPU usage for no reason (I used a lot of bots, only this one do this).
  10. zachistots4crack
    Version: 1.0.21
    runs flawless great script 120kexp/hr if you run it right 40k hr profit on tunas pays for itself