Qve AIOFighter (LITE)

Npc's gotta die.

  1. qverkk
    This bot uses API provided by Prime, from the Prime API Extensions

    This is a free version of Qve AIOFighter (PRO) , the limits are:
    1. 1h botting per day.
    2. 2 presets in profiles section.
    3. Limitations in customizing the UI.
    4. To run no-limit please click HERE to add the bot.

    Fights any monster and banks.

    If you're using banking, make sure to test the path first before leaving it for a few hours! How to do it: Set coordinate of spot, set range, add an npc, and teleport out, simply hit start and see if the bot will get back to the area it self. If it doesn't make sure to post a picture in the thread of where it isn't capable of walking!!

    Guide for setting up the bot.​
    1. Set your position and attacking range (Required)​
    2. Set options to teleport out. (Optional, and requires a teletab in inventory)​
    3. If you want to loot, set looting range, i advise to make it equal to attacking range. (Optional)​
    4. Set your banking information in Banking tab. (Optional)​
    5. Add npc to list. (Required)
      If npc's in area aren't shown, simply click refresh.​
    6. Set up your pots of choice (Optional)​
    7. Setup your health/emergency teleport. (Optional)​
    8. Enable/disable prayers. (Optional)​
    9. Add items to alching list. (Optional)​
    10. Add items to notepaper list. (Optional, RS3 Only)​
    11. Set looting information. (Optional)​
    12. Add/save presets. (Optional)​

    Presets information:
    Add button will create a whole new preset based on your input above the button.
    Save button, will override current selected profile in the selection box above the save button.
    Remove profiles button, will remove current selected profile within the selection box.
    Load profile, will automaticly fill all the settings, based on the profile selected in the selection box.

    Beware of name contains options in looting/alching. If you want to alch rune items, don't simply type "rune" as this will alch all rune arrows, rune bolts etc. Find a way to enter proper names into the list, example: "Rune p" will alch Rune platebody, Rune platelegs, Rune plateskirt etc. Figure it out ;)

    Hope you guys will enjoy this bot and help me with your feedback!!​

    - fixed a problem causing not alching items on OSRS
    - made the bot more reliable, will attack first the npc's attacking us, abilities will no longer break our target

    - minor fixes

    - added faster ability selection if you have Cooldown enabled (Esc -> Interfaces -> Toggle ability cooldown timer)

    - added a checkbox to determine for item containing names, example:
    while you enter "rune" and select the name contains checkbox, it will look for all ground items that have "rune" in it's name, without checking the checkbox, you would have to determine the full name of the item.

    - added Extreme potion support
    - changed code in walking to generate the path only when it's needed

    - OSRS support to loot by value added
    - fixed an error where it wouldn't loot stackables that aren't noted, now will loot runes above loot value price, swamp tar etc.

    - users on OSRS can no longer select banking with presets (only RS3)
    - added a separate tab when to bank, works for both traditional and presets

    - added a failsafe for loading an empty bank list after clicking load or adding an empty bank list to a profile
    - added hints what to do after u click start and the seetings don't meet the requirements
    - for more ideas please write on the thread​
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Recent Reviews

  1. kiaph
    This bot is amazing, I love everything about it, if their was a way to pay for it using osrs gp, I would already be using premium.

    Well written, very clean GUI, if I ever felt the need to make my own AIO fighter, I no longer do, with respect to fighting and looting, this is a 5/5 I have yet to test banking capabilities
  2. giraffeboi
    Version: 1.1.15
    Seems to work fine until traveling into a dungeon etc, tried to set up killing blue dragons in taverly but it couldn't find the co-ordinates.
  3. T a x x x
    T a x x x
    Version: 1.1.12
    this script is top notch! Haven't had a problem yet, just did 6 hours straight.
  4. iwantfreeshit
    Version: 1.1.12
    it works really well but for some reason it wont loot
  5. Storuliukas
    Version: 1.1.9
    But wanted to ask why he does not loot arrows, dont want to upgrade until that happens
  6. marcus liew Shern
    marcus liew Shern
    Version: 1.1.8
    amazing . really helpful
  7. ybzsavage
    Version: 1.1.8
    Working good just having banking issues where it'll say my food is missing. Any idea on how to fix it?
  8. ncu
    Version: 1.1.8
    Simple and working.
    Would be cool to have a feature to only bury bones when inventory is full instead of burying them after picking them up.
  9. pot8
    Version: 1.1.8
    does everything great but seems like the loot part doesnt work i think or maybe my fault. but works fine :)
  10. Daniel Brigin
    Daniel Brigin
    Version: 1.1.5
    Best Bot ever worked with in combat section!!!
    but one issue with the Hill Giant the cannot locate the cave and cant open the door but other of it every thing warks perfecly!
    Do you have a suggestion how to fix it or where to train on other place? ^_^