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Loot feathers and kill chcikens!
First release
Last update
4.32 star(s) 154 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Qve ChickenKiller v1.0.9 Released!

    Qve ChickenKiller updated to v1.0.9.
  2. Qve ChickenKiller v1.0.8 Released!

    Qve ChickenKiller updated to v1.0.8.
  3. Qve ChickenKiller v1.0.7 Released!

    Qve ChickenKiller updated to v1.0.7.

Latest reviews

It works.
However for some reason feather picking is not working...
I can pick the bones and bury them though, so considering the bot has 3 functions, it does 2/3. While it works great, I can't give 5 stars because of that.
This bot is very good I've ran multiple accounts to 60 - 75 defence with 1 attk & 1 strength leaving it run all day or running it aggressively the ban rate must be super low or non existent because the accounts take hundreds of hours to make (also if you're a ironman it's best to use this in P2P worlds and you can leave it run all day to knock out some early lvls usually no one chickens in p2p worlds)
Bot is good. I am an ironman and use this to get feathers and early levels. The only complaint I have is you have to babysit as an ironman because it tries to pick up other player's feather drops and it gets stuck.

Other than that, seems to run without issue. It does randomly turn off after about 2-hours, but I think it has to do with the feather thing from being ironman.
got banned after 20min
No problems while I used it, could get stuck picking up bones in busy areas.
3 days using and no ban, nice!
so good bot
Did chickens over night, 10 hours went from 1-40 defence, no ban!
Shit was good
Definitely a great one