Regal Fletching 3.0.8


  1. Snufalufugus
    The most versatile fletching bot on RuneMate!

    This is the limitless version of Regal Fletching.

    Offers a huge variety of fletching training methods to get you a quick 99!

    Start near a bank with the items necessary, or in your inventory for items such as ammunition.

    • Bows - Strung and Unstrung
    • Shields
    • Arrows, Arrow shafts, & Headless Arrows
    • Darts
    • Bolts
    • Gem bolt tips
    • Gem tipped bolts
    • Playersensed behaviors to introduce different playstyles for different users
    • RegalUI features including:
      • Runtime, XP, Level, and Profit tracking.
      • Integrated break handler with the option to set a time to automatically stop the bot.
      • Lots of other, small features to make your use easier and more enjoyable!

Recent Reviews

  1. moondancer04
    Version: 3.0.8
    Used this bot to get 3 accounts to get 92 fletching over 6 months ago, reused it on one account today for a 5 hour session with breaks doing magic longbows and received a ban within the same day. Used to be a great bot but be careful using.
  2. Trodius
    Version: 3.0.8
    Honestly, this is one of the VERY FEW bots that does EXACTLY what it says. It does it so well, I've yet to find a flaw in 5+ hours of use. And at .05 an hour, it's simply unbeatable. 6/5 Rating if I could.
  3. Djspecial
    Version: 3.0.8
    Great work, with some funding you can make a real profit for yourself using this bot. I have made a great profit and 2 accounts 90+ Fletching. Keep up the great work.
  4. derekmeme
    Version: 3.0.8
    i used for darts extremely fast and super simple set up ofc all regal scripts are very good love it
  5. Dead-Hackerz
    Version: 3.0.8
    Got me 1-70 fletching in one grins sesh. Excellent bot.
  6. Crayola
    Version: 3.0.7
    Did 1-99 using this bot, making darts no problem. Got up to 2m xp per hour. Another flawless bot from Snufalufugus.
  7. Level 100 Mudkip
    Level 100 Mudkip
    Version: 3.0.7
    Been running for a few hours at a time with no issues. Been getting about 175k-185kxp/hr on Mgaic longbows. So far so good. :)