Regal Thieving 2.0.8

Sneaks past bot watch to 99 Thieving

  1. Snufalufugus
    • Pickpocketing
      • Lumbridge men and women (Recommended for 1->5)
      • Guards near Falador Bank
      • Draynor village Master Farmer
      • West Ardougne Master Farmer
      • Ardy Knights
        • Thievinghost will only steal in the two splashing tiles
        • Bank knight will thieve anywhere in the bank
      • Dodgy necklace support
    • Stall Thieving
      • Varrock tea stalls (Recommended for 5->25)
      • Hosidius fruit stalls (Recommended for 25->55)
    • Rogue's Den Wall Safes
    For Thievinghost Ardy Knights, join the "Thievinghost" Clanchat and go to a world where the knight is lured into the bank. The bot doesn't currently use the clanchat to hop on its own, so it is recommended to babysit in case the Thievinghost host changes worlds. It will only pickpocket the knight when it is in one of the two intended splashing spots, to avoid reports when the bot gets out of position.

    For Hosidius fruit stalls, it will only steal from the stall if both of the guard dogs are trapped inside of the store. If you are in a world where the dogs are not trapped, the bot will automatically hop worlds until it finds one with pre-lured dogs.

    For Rogue's Den wall safes, you must have a stethoscope in your bank or inventory. This item significantly increases the rates of successful thieving from wall safes, and is purchaseable from Martin Thwait at the Rogues' Den.

Recent Reviews

  1. Pain
    Version: 2.0.8
    I think this bot would be better if it spams click the master farmer while it is moving.
  2. JimmyBoy345
    Version: 2.0.8
    I use it primarily for farming Master Farmers in Draynor, it works great and as intended. The UI is pretty good as well, only problem I have (more of a personal issue) is that I want to set the number of Dodgy amulets I can take out of my bank at a time. Other than that, its awesome. I've made an easy 2 mil with it and have yet to be reported (although I use it only in 30 min to 1 hr intervals).
  3. squago
    Version: 2.0.8
    great script, except it wont work for ardy knights with me. keeps teliing me to select food or saying its waiting on more information when ive put in all required info.
  4. cdavies
    Version: 2.0.8
    Great thieving bot, especially fruit stalls, cakes, and ardy knights!
  5. Fezara
    Version: 2.0.8
    Bot works fine, but i got banned after two hours with it :(
  6. null0x
    Version: 2.0.8
    Used on Man and 2 different stalls thus far and has worked very well. Little bit of mis-clicking on Man, but not too worried about it as you only need that until 5 thieving.
  7. Loodwig
    Version: 2.0.8
    Good script, but prone to getting banned. Needs more anti-ban software. Try including afk timing so the bot stops clicking for a couple seconds here and there. Also needs to move camera from time to time or something. Then itll be perfect.
  8. Dylan3333
    Version: 2.0.8
    Correction to my previous review, its any fruit item in the first slot of the inven it'll select instead of drop occurign every 5-6 inventories.
  9. tsutton92
    Version: 2.0.8
    Awesome Script, very responsive and reliable. It did what it needed to do went from 75-81 thieving so far, will continue to use. Another great script from Regal.
  10. ShotZone
    Version: 2.0.8
    Awesome bot only thing I dislike is how many dodgy necklaces it withdraws, dont need 5 in my inventory when I can just have 1 + 5 food and 1 "dn" equipped. It runs smooth, full screen option with roof removed and it'll run all night. Other than what I pointed out it's good for draynor master farmer, from what I've tested so far.