[SALE] MaxiCooker 1 Tick 1.0.1

Fastest cooking xp? Not a problem.

  1. Aidden
    Cooks Karambwan at Hosidius kitchen using the 1 tick method. This is the fastest cooking xp in the game.


    Make sure the game is in resizable mode before starting the bot.

    The game window should be left at the default size or as small as it can be before it starts cutting of the edge of the game. If the window is too large it won't be able to interact with the clay oven.

    Start in the hosidius kitchen.

    Short video of the bot in action: e48bb0cf0c944a429f5cb06ebe1d9498

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  1. [SALE] MaxiCooker 1 Tick v1.0.1 Released!

Recent Reviews

  1. Elvis Depresley
    Elvis Depresley
    Version: 1.0.1
    After you figured out the set ups for the bot, it works great! But after botting from 72 - 94 cooking within 2 days, I got a 2 day macroing ban.