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Silence's Blast Furnace 1.2.5

Forging your smithing level to 99!

  1. SilenceP44
    Developer Update:

    Was planning to overhaul this bot 3+ years ago, BUT I lost control of my runemate account.
    Which caused this bot to not be updated for 3+ years.

    I will leave this bot in its current state on the bot store, as I see that quite a few people still use it.
    Use at your own risk, if it works, it works.
    If it stops working, I will just remove it.

    I do plan to update this bot, but it will be some time between a month or a year from now.
    So please do not message me about it.​

    - Supports Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamanite, Silver, Gold and Rune bars
    - Choose if you want to use Goldsmith gauntlets
    - Choose if you want to use Stamina potions
    - Choose if you want to use Water buckets
    - Choose if you want to use Ice gloves
    - Choose if you want to use Coal bag
    - Choose if you want to use Anti-Stuck mode (bot auto stops when bot gets stuck for too long)
    - Choose if you want to automatically resupply
    -> IMPORTANT: will only work when you have varrock teleport tabs in your bank!

    - Choose if you want to automatically start
    - Choose if you want to logout on stop
    - Automatically refils coffer before it runs out (custom amount)
    - Automatically hops to a Blast Furnace world with dwarfs.
    - Support for mislicks (depositbox, right click, ... misclicks)
    - Switching between ice gloves and goldsmith gauntlets
    - Randomizes between walking / turning camera
    - Teleports automatically to blast furnace
    - Automatically pays foreman
    - XP, GP and Bar tracking
    - Customizable breaks
    - Stop conditions
    - Change settings while the bot is runnning
    - Over hundreds hours of testing the bot on my own accounts.

    Rates (with sub 50 agility, Coal bag, stamina potions and ice gloves):
    - Iron bars: 2800 bars/hour
    - Steel bars: 2700 bars/hour
    - Mithril bars: 2200 bars/hour
    - Adamantite bars: 1600 bars/hour
    - Runite bars: 1300 bars/hour

    Please keep in mind that these rates are averages I got.
    They can vary alot depending on zoom, resolution, misclicks, mouse multiplier, ping, ...

    The bot author (me) can display a message / stop this bot without needing a push. If there is a new osrs update or my bot bricks then this will save your account :).

    - Have everything required in bank or in your inventory.
    - If you want the bot to switch between ice gloves and goldsmith gauntlets just select both.
    - IMPORTANT: The bot needs some time when first opening the bank, don't think that it got stuck just give it some time :)

    Feedback or suggestions are welcome!
    Please report any bugs to me (if you can with method to reproduce it and error message / log).

Recent Reviews

  1. Scotzgeeza
    Version: 1.2.5
    80-99 doing gold , 5-10hr slots with 3-4hr resting
  2. deterpinklage
    Version: 1.2.5
    Pretty damn solid for smithing gold 40-70, uses water and gauntlets well. Just use entity hider and it never gets interrupted
  3. Geile_beer
    Version: 1.2.5
    it worked for me about 3 hours now got perm banned, i wouldn't recommend this.
  4. Meluu
    Version: 1.2.5
    using it to get 70 smithing with ice gloves stam pots and gold gauntlets working perfectly for me even tho it hasnt been updated in 3 years or so
  5. s5451927
    Version: 1.2.5
    Turn on settings to use bucket of water but it just deposits the bucket and then crashes
  6. Mitchell Macleod
    Mitchell Macleod
    Version: 1.2.5
    I like how it runs, but its not picking up my coal bag, I've tried everything to get it to work
  7. FabioGonzalo
    Version: 1.2.5
    Works great! my only gripe is that the automatic settings for breaks are a bit too long in length. They can cause the bank pin screen to pop up, and the bot wont enter the pin at the furnace, it will get stuck
  8. SilentNight2
    Version: 1.2.5
    Doing a fantastic job. Tried both 12k gold bars w/ goldsmith gauntlets and ice gloves, and ~5k mith bars with a coal bag and ice gloves. All with staminas. Ran flawlessly, took breaks, etc. Never had any issues. Gets around 2400 bars/hr on mithril, and I think around 3k/hr on gold? Can't completely remember, but it did crush the gold ore I had banked.

    As a feature request - it would be a cool antiban feature to factor in how close you are to a level with your breaks; along with where you are in a workflow. For example - not putting in a load of coal then logging out. Most people would complete their level or at least their round of bar getting before logging off, and would probably log off at the bank chest, as opposed to in the middle of the route.
  9. SlickNick94
    Version: 1.2.5
    Works like a mf without any problems, using it everyday for 4/6 ours straight since a week. use the generate break option!
    Thanks alot.
  10. bigbobsaget
    Version: 1.2.5
    2 day ban after 30 mins worked great tho...