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Smurfs Green Dragons 1.1.1

Farms green dragons

  1. SmurfBots

    • Kills green dragons north of Ferox enclave
    • Looting bag support
    • Cannon Support
    • Recharges wildy weapons with ether
    • 1 Tick prayer flicking
    • Easy setup process: just start at Ferox with your equipment on and inventory setup, and the bot will handle the rest
    • Smart and fast PKer detection
    • Deathwalking from Ferox/Edgeville respawn
    • Recharges wildy weapons with ether
    Start at Ferox with all your equipment and inventory setup. The bot will save these and use them for banking. Ring of dueling + your chosen escape method is required

Recent Reviews

  1. i 4t
    i 4t
    Version: 1.1.0
    Used the script day after release for 6-8 hours and literally no issues at all. helped my iron get to 70 prayer. 0 times being pked aswell so thats huge!