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Catch Chompas, Log from pkers. EZ.

Start at ferox with box traps in your inventory (+ seedpod if you have one) and a ring of dueling equipped. Make sure you have plenty spare traps and dueling rings in your bank
First release
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3.33 star(s) 3 ratings

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  1. Smurfs Black Chins v1.1.7 Released!

    Smurfs Black Chins updated to v1.1.7.
  2. Smurfs Black Chins v1.1.6 Released!

    Smurfs Black Chins updated to v1.1.6.
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    Smurfs Black Chins updated to v1.1.5.

Latest reviews

At start it took only duel ring teleport , didnt take box trap, witch is wierd. Also when i manually added box traps it continued flawless untill it saw pker, it logged of, logged back in to same world after 10 seconds just to start running south "to teleport" directly clicking over pker on minimap and actually pushing him. it also doesnt take boxes when you relog. witch is trash.
Start the bot with box traps in your inventory, however many you want it to take. And set "World hop after escape" to yes
World hopping after Escaping doesn't seem to be working, Should add a Glory teleport option so it stops running down to level 20 wilderness to teleport with ring of dueling, Should add some sort of food support, If not using revenant cave teleport, it runs through green dragons north of ferox, Aswell as not using a glory teleport, it runs south to bank through the green dragons, Most accounts will be one hit by the dragon, i had 30 hp doing this and still was one hit twice in the hour of testing.
Thanks for the feedback. I have just pushed a new update which should solve most of your issues. Im just waiting on approval now.
* Added Max cape teleport as an option
* Added the option to avoid green dragons
* Added the option to use glory teleport to bank quicker

As for world hopping on escape, it should be working fine. Are you sure its not hopping without you realising? It sets your preferred world on the login screen
Very good bot ran it for 2 sessions of 15 hours. had zero deaths.Very good pk detection like all your bots. Gonna use this til lvl 99.