StitchBurner 0.0.37

Trying to make free scripts

  1. StitchOrSuture
    StitchBurner - Trying to make better free bots

    What is Does:
    -Burns all types of logs, up to and including magic, outside of east Falador bank.

    Just start in east Falador bank.

    Known Bugs:
    -Unnecessarily closes bank after withdrawing a tinderbox. (This only does this once and then works fine).

    Possible future upgrades:
    -Adding initial camera setup so that functions it better.
    -Adding option to run in AFK mode or normal mode.
    -More locations to burn.

Recent Updates

  1. StitchBurner v0.0.37 Released!
  2. StitchBurner v0.0.36 Released!
  3. StitchBurner v0.0.35 Released!

Recent Reviews

  1. sk1ll3r
    Version: 0.0.36
    test for a few minutes, seems the bot has issues banking it takes a few tries to get the bank an the clicking between the log/tinderbox is a little slow not very human like maybe speed it up a tad bit. other then that it does a good job.
    1. StitchOrSuture
      Author's Response
      Will take a look at the banking and speeding up the clicking.
  2. kontkever
    Version: 0.0.36
    UI issue fixed and bot is working now.
    Bot takes about 6 seconds to burn 1 log, which is way too slow to get decent xp/hr. Also positioning is wrong, at empty inventory bot will already be past the bank instead of right in front.
    Only getting ~130k/hr when burning magic logs.
    1. StitchOrSuture
      Author's Response
      Did not think about the positioning and will probably look into changing this, cause this idea is great and makes a lot of sense.

      Going to work on adding a normal mode (faster xp/hr) and a AFK mode that runs close to how it does now.