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StitchLogger 0.0.4

Trying to make better free scripts

  1. StitchOrSuture
    StitchLogger - Trying to make better free bots

    What is Does:
    - Cuts logs outside of east Varrock and banks them.
    - Does not power cop currently.
    - Will automatically equip a better axe if you can use it and have it in the bank.

    - Just start in east Varrock bank with at least an bronze axe in bank.

    Known Bugs:
    - Does not work that well; you may have to click on the path to the east to get it started.

    Possible future upgrades:
    - Power chopping

    - I may take this one down for now, since it needs work and I am not using it. I plan on working on it, but not till I need to use it.

Recent Updates

  1. StitchLogger v0.0.4 Released!