Succulent 3T Hunter 0.1.3

Hunt them, Throw them, Eat them...?

  1. Succulent
    Succulent 3T Hunter

    This bot hunts for red chinchompas using tick manipulation to speed up the catch rate. Uses sequences and action anticipation to ensure high performance.

    At level 99 Hunter with 5 traps you can expect upwards of 650-700 red chinchompas per hour.

    • Intuitive setup UI:
      • customised trap formations
      • breaks & stop time
      • stat tracking
    • All 3T items supported:
      • herb & tar
      • knife & log
      • spikes & vambraces
    • Works in any location
      • sets up traps using your starting position as the centre.
    • Slick interactions
      • Handles 3t laying, box dismantling, and movement as a rapid sequence
    • Speedy reactions
      • instantly detects a box trap state changing and reacts accordingly
    • Action look-ahead
      • While waiting for an action to happen, it will scan the other box traps and determine the next best action and anticipate it
    • Basic crash handling
      • detects crash and picks up your traps when hopping
    • Herb sack support for spare 3t herbs
    • Smart inventory management:
      • Attempts to recover 3t items if dropped/lost
      • Cleans herbs, drops herb-tar
      • Drops surplus 3t items that would cause 3ting to not work
      • Moves items around for most efficient actions

    • 63 Hunter (80 for 5 traps)
    • Box traps (spares recommended)
    • Any 3T items (spares recommended)
    • Make sure you are logged in before you start
    • Check to make sure the tiles you choose are not obstructed
    Example inventory

    Example UI setup

    Future updates
    • Better crash handling (e.g. picking up traps before hop, dynamic trap position updating)
    • Herb sack handling Done!
    • Banking for more box traps/3t items if you run out
    • Full black chinchompa support (6 trap formation, death recovery)
    • Advanced laying techniques (1 tick etc)

Recent Reviews

  1. maxtonrush1991
    Version: 0.1.3
    please update this bot
  2. elvenred
    Version: 0.1.3
    Misclicks "walk here" instead of pickup trap. This causes it to infinitely lock into setting up a trap when one is already underneath it. Bot is broken until this is fixed. Hope you see this and get around to fixing it. I will change my rating then.
  3. itsjotto
    Version: 0.1.3
    Ran almost 8 hours straight flawlessly. My only slight issue is that the spot it chooses to set up for red chins isn't the best, but I went from 66-70 Hunter while I slept.
  4. brandon1919
    Version: 0.1.3
    One of the Best Bots ive ever used. skill tracker doest work but regardless as far as raw skill this bot stands above the rest by miles! another thing would be that for a free bot there is little to no errors very impressed :)
  5. Jimothy Boobington
    Jimothy Boobington
    Version: 0.1.3
    Great bot, easily pulling 500 chins per hour at 85 hunter.

    I'll rate the next version 5 if it has a working tracker <3
  6. Gearshifter
    Version: 0.1.3
    One of the cleanest bots I've used. The clicking and speed is very consistent. No bugs after 10+ hours of running. The xp tracker is really irrelevant seeing that you can track your own xp/hr very easily. Thanks a bunch!
  7. moneykilz
    Version: 0.1.3
    skill tracking and item tracking doesn't work but its a great script
  8. intwaba
    Version: 0.1.3
    Fantastic bot! how many hours a day do you recommend using this script? cuz its very intensive ofc looking
  9. DukeofAthens
    Version: 0.1.3
    Works awesomely, no problems on the script side. Just wish its UI worked a bit better. At least tracked xp.
  10. savebears
    Version: 0.1.3
    Fantastic script! One of the best! Never had any issues. NEVER. Achieved 99 in no time. If plugged to internet cable - never had failed to 3T but on wifi, the script fails a lot ( I'm looking at it from the good side as you won't look that botlike with every perfect click ). Besides that, everything is perfect.

    P.S. XP and item tracker doesn't work.