Succulent MTA BETA 0.1.6

Train magic with a little more pizazz!

  1. Succulent
    Succulent MTA

    Note: This bot is currently in BETA which means there could be issues with behaviour and missing functionality. If you have any feedback please let me know so I can make the bot the best it can be!

    • Completes all four rooms in the Mage Training Arena for points
    • Uses custom PlayerSense for completing the rooms in different ways
    • Intuitive UI for configuring the bot behaviour
    Creature Graveyard
    • Points/h: 250-350 (depending on method)
    • Supports advanced peach method requiring no food and increasing points/hour to 330+!
    • Supports use of common foods such as sharks, monkfish, etc.
    • Supports banking for food when you run out
    • Uses fruit to heal if it runs out of food and isn't banking

    Telekinetic Theatre
    • Points/h: 130-160+
    • Solves the maze algorithmically rather than manually so it doesn't have to reset if the guardian is ever in the wrong place
    • Calculates and moves to the next location when the guardian starts moving to speed up points/hour

    Alchemist's Playground
    • Points/h: 270+
    • Calculates the cupboard contents algorithmically to quickly find the high value item
    • Supports advanced method of hoarding a few of each item to alch while finding the best cupboard

    Enchanting Chamber
    • Points/h: 5-10k+ with higher level enchant spells
    • Supports dragonstone hopping method and enchanting shapes method

    • Start in or near the MTA building, or inside the room you wish to complete.
    Creature Graveyard
    • Start with nature, water, and earth runes/staff and any food you wish to use in the inventory.
    • Have at least 16+ inventory spaces open, otherwise points/hour will be slower.
    • Peach method: Set up inventory with at least 20 inventory spaces.
    • Low hp accounts are recommended to bring good food and should expect slower rates.

    Telekinetic Theatre
    • Start with law and air runes/staff and staminas if you are using them.

    Alchemist's Playground
    • Start with nature and fire runes/staff and staminas if you are using them.
    • Have at least 15+ inventory spaces open, especially if you are using the advanced method.

    Enchanting Chamber

    • Start with cosmic runes and the runes required for your chosen enchantment spell, and staminas if you are using them.
    • If you are using the shape enchantment method, be sure to have at least 15+ inventory space for better points/hour.

    Potential updates
    • Reward grinding: Earn the points for an item and complete each room until enough points are earned to purchase it.
    • Room-hopping: pick random rooms after X amount of time/points earned in a room.
    • Break handling
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Recent Reviews

  1. Whereami
    Version: 0.1.6
    Seems to get stuck in alch room when the leather boots are to be alched. other than that it is amazing.
  2. Good Luck
    Good Luck
    Version: 0.1.6
    In the alch room, it sometimes spam click an empty cupborad or just keep gettin an item and not alching it - ends up with full inventory and stand still (u get msg to clear inventory) graveyard works really good, also tele room is very good :)
  3. jkemp
    Version: 0.1.6
    Thank you for this.. with some babysitting it does exactly what it's supposed to do.
  4. Aussie_nomad
    Version: 0.1.6
    over all great bot 3 rooms worked great opnly room that needs work is the telekinetic room gets stuck sometimes when it finished the 4th solve and just stand there and glitches out so needs to be baby sat other then that works great
  5. Main Botting
    Main Botting
    Version: 0.1.6
    Would be an amazing script and could charge a decent amount if if he made the script faster and more effocemt also tele room the bot has a stroke , would love to see this bot have some work done on it
  6. sixenxx
    Version: 0.1.6
    Everything works great aside from the tele grab room. It keeps getting stuck when trying to get a new maze.
  7. Mr0Justice
    Version: 0.1.6
    Upon further use, I can comment that I'd look forward to an optimized script. Where it's faster, for example, in the Bone Graveyard, the bot does not click the bones fast enough, many unnecessary pauses that I think could be fixed. Or in the Alchemy also, the bot doesn't keep up fast enough with the timing, only does a max of 3 enchantments per high valued object. Also for the Maze, he could be faster. Only in the Enchanting, I think he was swift enough, otherwise, he could be faster unless that's a limitation for bots.
  8. Astemir
    Version: 0.1.6
    after solving a maze the bot keeps spam clicking on the guardian except continuing the dialogue for getting a new puzzle
  9. cocaine1337
    Version: 0.1.6
    bugs alot and gets stuck, have to baby sit it, reason it gets stuck is it cant see it on camera and instead of moving the camera it spam clicks that spot even if it cant reach it, and it doesnt have a failsafe, otherwise fine with alot of babysitting.
  10. itsjotto
    Version: 0.1.6
    I used this and got all 4 rooms done. I unlocked b2p, boots, and wand on my iron in a bit over a day. Let the bot run almost 12 hours in a single day. It gets the job done and no ban as of yet.