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Succulent MTA BETA 0.1.6

Train magic with a little more pizazz!

  1. Succulent
    Succulent MTA

    Note: This bot is currently in BETA which means there could be issues with behaviour and missing functionality. If you have any feedback please let me know so I can make the bot the best it can be!

    • Completes all four rooms in the Mage Training Arena for points
    • Uses custom PlayerSense for completing the rooms in different ways
    • Intuitive UI for configuring the bot behaviour
    Creature Graveyard
    • Points/h: 250-350 (depending on method)
    • Supports advanced peach method requiring no food and increasing points/hour to 330+!
    • Supports use of common foods such as sharks, monkfish, etc.
    • Supports banking for food when you run out
    • Uses fruit to heal if it runs out of food and isn't banking

    Telekinetic Theatre
    • Points/h: 130-160+
    • Solves the maze algorithmically rather than manually so it doesn't have to reset if the guardian is ever in the wrong place
    • Calculates and moves to the next location when the guardian starts moving to speed up points/hour

    Alchemist's Playground
    • Points/h: 270+
    • Calculates the cupboard contents algorithmically to quickly find the high value item
    • Supports advanced method of hoarding a few of each item to alch while finding the best cupboard

    Enchanting Chamber
    • Points/h: 5-10k+ with higher level enchant spells
    • Supports dragonstone hopping method and enchanting shapes method

    • Start in or near the MTA building, or inside the room you wish to complete.
    Creature Graveyard
    • Start with nature, water, and earth runes/staff and any food you wish to use in the inventory.
    • Have at least 16+ inventory spaces open, otherwise points/hour will be slower.
    • Peach method: Set up inventory with at least 20 inventory spaces.
    • Low hp accounts are recommended to bring good food and should expect slower rates.

    Telekinetic Theatre
    • Start with law and air runes/staff and staminas if you are using them.

    Alchemist's Playground
    • Start with nature and fire runes/staff and staminas if you are using them.
    • Have at least 15+ inventory spaces open, especially if you are using the advanced method.

    Enchanting Chamber

    • Start with cosmic runes and the runes required for your chosen enchantment spell, and staminas if you are using them.
    • If you are using the shape enchantment method, be sure to have at least 15+ inventory space for better points/hour.

    Potential updates
    • Reward grinding: Earn the points for an item and complete each room until enough points are earned to purchase it.
    • Room-hopping: pick random rooms after X amount of time/points earned in a room.
    • Break handling
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Recent Reviews

  1. LegacyMatters
    Version: 0.1.6
    Pretty good bot for a free version. Don't expect too much but it does it job. Only downside is that alchemy room doesnt work. Other than that im satisfied it got me bones to peaches and inf boots
  2. lexi123
    Version: 0.1.6
    Alch room doesnt work and hasnt for MONTHS, the other rooms work fine with some small minor bugs
  3. LoafErikson
    Version: 0.1.6
    Positive: The Telegrab part runs smoothly and flawlessly. Ran it for a day and got enough points for all the collection log items.

    Negatives: The Enchanting part works IF you choose to do the dragonstone world hopping, if not it will fill up one inventory worth of enchants and then sit there. And even when world hopping, there is no algorithm for which world it selects so when it gets to a speedrunning world (which requires additional dialogue) it will just sit there clicking over and over.
    The alchemy part works as well but, requires babysitting cause if it fills up the entire inventory it just spam clicks the boxes which definitely looks sus.

    I did not try the graveyard game after the enchanting and alchemy both were kinda scuffed. I will give it 3 stars for the perfect telekinetic grab game though! Although it could use some tuning, I do appreciate the work you put in to make this.
  4. Fred12124
    Version: 0.1.6
    Can't get it to work in the alching room
  5. Togan3
    Version: 0.1.6
    Works well for tele
  6. Bonjo
    Version: 0.1.6
    Can't get it to work in the tele room, it'll just try to cast telegrab on nothing constantly, in the enchanting room it just gets stuck spam clicking after enchanting 1 thing, absolutely unusable for me.
  7. jstein104
    Version: 0.1.6
    Banned after just getting b2p with manual breaks. Script is very erratic and bot like although the rooms do work very fast except for alchemist which will stop work when leather boots are 30 unless you babysit. In the enchanter it clicks like 4-7 times per tick which no human could do. and in graveyard it left clicks and right click takes the bone pile multiple times per tick
  8. Jonnsey123
    Version: 0.1.6
    Still bugging out when Leather boots are the top Alch. Fills inventory of other item and stops working. Not too bad in other rooms though.
  9. xDuch
    Version: 0.1.6
    Telek room works well. Graveyard the pathing bank back to room is messy and sometimes outside. Alchemy same thing with the leather boots it doesnt works. I havent try enchant.
  10. vakidisx
    Version: 0.1.6
    Still gets stuck on the alch room when leather boots are up.

    Otherwise works flawlessly, ez BTP