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  1. U


    I need 5$ rm credits asap!
  2. S

    OSRS Syrupmaker's Shop ~ RuneMate Credits [Always Buying] & OSRS Gold!

    Hello there, I've made this thread primarily to find users that have RuneMate credits on their account, but have no intentions of using them and/or would like to get rid of them to someone who could use them! Occasionally I will buy OSRS Accounts with specific requirements/stats. [Currently...
  3. bosstralian

    OSRS $$$ Buying All RuneMate Credits for OSRS GP $$$

    Buying all RuneMate credits. I purchase currently at 1.10M per 1 RMC. Happy to go first depending on Feedback/ Join date/ Amount sold. Available anytime or as soon as possible. Contact me via Runemate Inbox or Discord: Chelsea#9175.
  4. G

    OSRS B> Woodcutting Logs: Read for more info

    Hi everyone, I am buying Normal Logs and Oak logs. Mostly since I am training my fire making. Most bots I am seen, do runs to the general store in varrock, and sell the logs there. I want to buy the logs straight from the botter instead! Saves you time tbh if you just store it and mass sell to...
  5. spireta

    Fire cape service ?

    any one that bought with IRL money fire cape service from a site and know any trust worthy one ? i really dont wanna do OSRS fight caves cause of my unstable connection.
  6. firefoxes

    OSRS Buying accounts

    Looking for trusted account supplyers. I need tons of accounts with such reqs: 75 def 75 hp 43+ prayer 1+ magic - more magic - better price, but i can do this one myself in the end. I don't mind if some of stats are botted, but botted smart - no suicide and flagged ips/vpns. I'll go first if...
  7. mangomunchaa

    RS3 Account Services / Gold Buying

    Hey guys! I haven't really been very active at all on the forums here but looking to start out somewhere! :p If interested add my discord: MangoMunchaa#4836 or pm me on RuneMate :D I'll be offering: Account Boosting (Hand-trained) Quest Services Bot Running [small scale, 2-4 bots maximum] Bank...
  8. jack east

    RS3 Feather Buyer - Fishing Shops

    Cannot seem to find a feather buying bot which goes round the fishing shops to buy feathers which is surprising, i'd have thought it would be fairly simple. Any guidance or people willing to code one would be gr8! :)
  9. K

    Buying OSRS Bond 3RM or $3USD.

    As the title says, Buying OSRS Bond 3RM or $3USD. Also interested in buying OSRS gold up to $10USD is offer is good. THANKS!
  10. bogla

    *www.BoglaGold.com* Buy/Sell/Swap OSRS, Rs3, and SDMM! Voted most trusted '15 & '16 :)

    You can checkout with PayPal WITHOUT ID click >Runescape Gold< - Contact our live chat for details There's no need to risk shopping anywhere else - we have regularly update our prices to be the lowest priced Runescape Gold. If you find a lower price, we'll beat it! It's our guarantee so that...
  11. A

    RS3 Buying Tuska Reward Currency Anima Service

    Offering in game gold in return for 10k-20k Tuska reward currency. I am too lazy to keep running the islands myself. Please message me pricing offer. All gold/items will be transferred to alt account. Serious offers only please.
  12. s cript

    RS3 ISO 70s+ account

    Hey folks, Friend of mine IRL did some dumb botting and got perma banned. Would enjoy being able to surprise him with a comparable acct to what he had. Any mid tier accts for relatively cheap? Cript
  13. J

    OSRS Buying OSRS level 60 WC account! (Bots allowed)

    I am looking to buy a level 60 woodcutting account, Botting allowed (preferably runemate used bot) . I will pay up to 5m GP OSRS- Depending on how fast the delivery is. Contact me on runemate if interested! Thanks!
  14. scrimmyy

    New RS gold site open! :)

    RSGOLDTODAY.CO.UK New gold site on the market, cheap and friendly. Buy RS3 gold at: $0.29 per mill Buy OS Gold at: $1.33 per mill Now offering 5 percent discount on all first time orders!!! We also offer gold swapping, and powerleveling services You can sell to us as well prices are...