New RS gold site open! :)

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    New gold site on the market, cheap and friendly.

    Buy RS3 gold at: $0.29 per mill
    Buy OS Gold at: $1.33 per mill

    Now offering 5 percent discount on all first time orders!!!

    We also offer gold swapping, and powerleveling services

    You can sell to us as well prices are negotiable in live chat on the site.

    If you have any questions add my Skype: Scrimmyyy
    Or email us at: [email protected]

    Check us out today!

    Please note: Site is published future updates to come :)
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  2. I'd really rec. to also include other kind of currency to your site.
  3. We plan to in the near future :)
  4. yea. USD is a standard. I was confused at first. I saw 0,9 and was like woooot?
  5. Thanks for the feeback guys i plan to get the site to support all in game currencies and all major currencies IRL, work in progress at the min :)
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    Just letting everyone know the site is down for maintenance is expected to be up with in the coming few days, thanks everyone! :)
  6. Congratulations on the website, mate. :)
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  7. do you sell ds gold or do you need a supplier?
  8. Thanks up and running well now! :)
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    Yes we are looking for suppliers at the minute if you are interested contact my skype :)
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    Online :) open for business :)
  9. Good gold sellers there fast and cheap :)
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  10. Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed your experience.
  11. For what price can i sell darkscape gold?
  12. Contact my skype: Scrimmyyy or live chat and we can discuss it :)
  13. Really nice website :) made it yourself? it looks very pro ;)
    The prices are ok, but nothing to exclusive i would say.
    I buy gold 0.25$/m rs3 :)
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  14. Thank you, yes I did make the site and your feedback is much appreciated, may i ask that you contact me I would like to know were you buy your gold from? :)
  15. Hey I cant get on skype RN and the livechat isnt working for me (IDK why) How much do you pay per Darkscape mil
  16. Hi thanks for letting me know, we have just made a quick update to our chat, can you please try to get on again? If not can you please take a screenshot and private message me on here.

    Regarding the price its negotiable we don't have a set price we believe in getting a result in which both parties can agree to :)
  17. Went well sold him 4 mil
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  18. Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated :)

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