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  1. fabreze

    Resolved Mouse Not clicking

    There seems to be an issue that is persistent with multiple bots, which is that they sometimes fail to click on the action they are meant to be doing. This has happened with both VisualRM bots that I have made and bots from the bot store created by others. The issue started happening...
  2. stuchainz

    Bug Mouse always moves to wrong spot

    I have been unable to use Runemate since I reinstalled it after a long break last week. Bots are able to click on the minimap to go to a bank, but when they try to bank the mouse goes to the wrong spot on the screen. As you can't see mouse pointers, I decided to unblock my mouse and click/hold...
  3. seathe

    Bug walking from Varrock east bank to Varrock east mines.

    so when i use the default web in Osrs to walk from varrock east bank to the east mines, it starts spam clicking on the stairs that are in the bank, is there a way i can stop it from doing this?