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  1. dark sage

    Bug SVN issue

    I have been having 2 issues the first starting about a week ago. First issue, when submitting an update for 1 bot, all the bots end up in queue even if no changes were made. Second issue, Since Friday night, All bots get declined with : "The Bot Pusher looked through your svn repository and...
  2. S

    Bug client wont run bots on home network ( virgin media)

    For some reason at all, i cannot run any bot from runespectre from my home network. Everywhere else except home, it works completely fine. Is there some sort of VPN or passthrough that i have to allow before the bot can work?? I'm also using a MAC if that makes a difference and my ISP is Virgin...
  3. S

    Bug Cannot run bots any bots since last 2 updates

    @Cloud Hey cloud, i'm having a severe issue with my client. Everytime i try and run a bot, an error meessge " failed because of an IOE exception " Or, " failed because Agentinitialisation error" appears. I'm a MAC user and this issue only appears after an update fixes or causes the error. I...
  4. R

    Runemate keeps logging users out

    why does this bot client continuously log users out mid botting for no reason at all? extremely annoying