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  1. fabreze

    Resolved Mouse Not clicking

    There seems to be an issue that is persistent with multiple bots, which is that they sometimes fail to click on the action they are meant to be doing. This has happened with both VisualRM bots that I have made and bots from the bot store created by others. The issue started happening...
  2. S

    Question need help.

    sorry im not sure if this is the wrong place to be posting something like this but im not exactly sure how the client tracks my movements to implement them into the bot. will it do it automatically when i am using the regular client and having rm running in the background or does the bot have...
  3. A

    Bug Clouse interaction

    Well I'm in the process of writing a script that's got pretty heavy right-click menu interaction and upon using the build in interaction method it appears the menu can get left by the mouse very commonly, it seems that the average success rate is 40-50% but I've noticed at times it can leave the...
  4. J

    Question Mouse movements/Clouse

    Can someone explain exactly how clouse works? Do I need to simply have runemate open in the background while playing for it to copy my mouse movements? Is it implemented into each bot, and used for specific repetitive tasks? If Clouse works like I understand, then how do bans even exist anymore?
  5. serene

    Resolved [Clouse] wanted to perform a movement that would take over 21991.31 seconds, retrying.

    I get these errors somewhat frequently when testing. Any way I can find out exactly what is causing this? The console just shows [SDK Debug] Clouse wanted to perform a movement that would take over 21991.31 seconds, retrying.