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  1. smurfbots

    Smurfs Mess Hall 1.0.10

    - Over 200k/hr free cooking exp at level 65+ - 2 Tick cooking - Hops world after each "cycle" - Will automatically cook the best food you can depending on cooking level Setup: Start with an EMPTY inventory in the Hosidius mess hall kitchen. Wear whatever you want. Direct input needs to be...
  2. michael5555

    Mikes Molch Aerial Fisher 1.0.92

    Setup Start on the island. It'll grab a knife, bird and bait if you do not have them. Settings Smart gutting - Will shift drop fish if we have enough fish chunks (playersensed number). Useful if you want to buy fish chunks from GE and shift drop the entirety of your session. REQUIRES SHIFT...
  3. G


    Need a bot that fights the hell-rat in Edgeville. It just needs to start the "fight" and feed pet food (Fish) and determine where the starting spot is for different spices. good one right? Someone please make one. I have had 40 spicy stews with no +5 to construction
  4. alex096

    OSRS Grape buyer / Wine maker

    Game Mode: OSRS Link to wiki: Pay-to-play Cooking training Summary: Making jugs of wine is one of the fastest Cooking training methods in the game, but it can also be costly. Players stop creating jugs of bad wine when they reach 68 Cooking. To begin making jugs of wine, buy a jug of water and...
  5. T

    OSRS Private raw wild/summer pie Bot

    Looking for a private bot to make raw summer and wild pies.
  6. T

    OSRS Private Cooking Script For Raw Wild Pies

    Looking for a developer to make a private script for raw wild pies, looking for a unique script with an anti-ban system.
  7. J

    Resolved Trigger "Make all" in Choose Option

    How do you trigger the Make All in choose option in the chatdialog? I'm trying to make a bot that makes plain pizza's, the use pizza base on tomato works but the next next phase, making incomplete pizza's, doesn't work. I can't make the bot click on the "Make All" option. I have searched the...
  8. D

    Cook Karambwam's thoroughly? Is there a bot out there that can do this?

    Have yet to find a bot that can cook karambwam's. Is there even one? OSRS sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. Thanks
  9. J

    OSRS Barbarbian Village Trout/Salmon cooker

    Game Mode: RS3/OSRS Summary: Start at Barbarian Village fishing spot, and pick up all Trout/Salmon to cook on the fire. Depending on which option is selected, you could then either run north to Edgevile, banking the food for money/combat training, or drop the fish to start the process again to...
  10. madras

    RS3 Little bot for making Tuna Potatos with anti ban

    Hey guys, I search for a Bot which can make Tuna Potatos out of Tuna and Corn and Potato with butter. A little Anti-ban feature would be great. Thank you :)
  11. aaronstrack

    OSRS OSRS Pie Making Bot

    Making pies, once you have achieved the proper cooking levels can yield some crazy profit. However its quite click intensive and requires quite a bit of attention. So if someone could create a pie making bot, that was be absolutely MAGICAL. Bot developers, please do look into this, I'm sure it...