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- Over 200k/hr free cooking exp at level 65+
- 2 Tick cooking
- Hops world after each "cycle"
- Will automatically cook the best food you can depending on cooking level

Start with an EMPTY inventory in the Hosidius mess hall kitchen. Wear whatever you want. Direct input needs to be turned on

20 Cooking
First release
Last update
4.25 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Smurfs Mess Hall v1.0.10 Released!

    Smurfs Mess Hall updated to v1.0.10.
  2. Smurfs Mess Hall v1.0.9 Released!

    Smurfs Mess Hall updated to v1.0.9.
  3. Smurfs Mess Hall v1.0.8 Released!

    Smurfs Mess Hall updated to v1.0.8.

Latest reviews

Works well, just sometimes gets stuck trying to change world as it has not closed the servery cupboard interface.
Caught my first temp ban after using this :(, I ran it with breaks enabled, but got lazy and let it run overnight for 6 hours. From 70-78 cooking. Didn't seem that reckless as I've been much riskier, on other accounts with no ban, but this was on my main. Could have just been unlucky with a mod nearby or player reports, normally I don't do overnights or unmonitored botting
Bot works GREAT! It's really smart and drops the food and picks one up to cook faster. I do wonder why it changes world after each batch. Is there a reason?
When you serve food the "demand" for that food goes down and gives less Xp. World hopping resets the demand
Works as intended, Was avg 214k/hr went from 70 to 82 in around 8hrs. Required no babysitting.