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Smurfs Mess Hall 1.0.3

Up to 200k/hr free Cooking xp, Great for ironmen

  1. SmurfBots
    - Over 200k/hr free cooking exp at level 65+
    - 2 Tick cooking
    - Hops world after each "cycle"
    - Will automatically cook the best food you can depending on cooking level
    - Fast Hosidius favour

    Start with an EMPTY inventory in the Hosidius mess hall kitchen. Wear whatever you want. Direct input needs to be turned on

    45% Hosidius Favour
    20 Cooking

Recent Reviews

  1. RSMasterMiner
    Version: 1.0.2
    Bot works GREAT! It's really smart and drops the food and picks one up to cook faster. I do wonder why it changes world after each batch. Is there a reason?
    1. SmurfBots
      Author's Response
      When you serve food the "demand" for that food goes down and gives less Xp. World hopping resets the demand
  2. lachiiee
    Version: 1.0.1
    Works as intended, Was avg 214k/hr went from 70 to 82 in around 8hrs. Required no babysitting.